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Is it the scientific method to censor dissenting opinion? The “I Love Fing Science’ advocates have turned science into a religious cult.

ramzpaul 7 May 18
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Ramzpaul is brilliant and his points are always spot on. COVID19 is nothing but a more effective variation of what the globalist left was trying to do with the global warming/climate change hoax.

Andyman Level 5 May 18, 2020

Reality is sometimes hard to face, but it is reality. Often personal opinion is substituted and mistaken for reality when things become too complex to follow. Arm ourselves and take to the streets will result in a rapid collapse of our country. Effective answers have to be more than "Well we have to do something".


Blatant idiocy!


I was listening to this white guy, I can't remember his name, who says he hates people who say "I fing love science". Then goes on about how some people think gender is science and how climate deniers are shut down and shunned when I hear climate deniers all over the place more than the real science of it. He also seems to have certain misogynistic leanings also that tend to show his misunderstanding of what science is.

Pand0ro Level 5 May 18, 2020