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This was a dog training video I created back in 2009. I am a big believer in the idea that you should never hit a dog as a part of training. Apart from the morality of such an action, it is simply not effective. Dogs don't understand why you are hitting them. It will only make them hand shy and neurotic. The clicker training works so much better.

Dino was a good dog. He loved doing "tricks" as it gave him a sense of purpose. Dogs are like humans in that they do not do on welfare. A dog need to "work" for his food. Dino's job was to do a trick before he was fed.

ramzpaul 7 May 18
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My Dad has a dog that is not housebroken. He says its because he wants it to be "natural." I encouraged him to let the dog go in that case, but that if a dog lives with a human, the dog doesn't know what a human is, so the human must understand what the dog is.

He said that he sent the dog to doggie school but that it didn't work. I asked if he went too. He said "no." I said that doggie school is not for the dog. Its for the owner. Until you understand what motivates the dog, you can't make him happy. Your dog is neurotic, because he is not with a pack that makes dog sense.

Reward him with attention and presence when he does what you want. Do not speak to him and don't be around him when he doesn't. That's pack language. It will make sense to him and he will be secure in his place in the pack.

A dog hears yelling as barking, so he often answers by barking, or doing whatever he wants if you yell all the time. People who scream at their dogs and expect results have no idea what a dog is. Your dog is not happy if you treat him like a human. Trust me. Treating your dog like a human is almost as foolish as speaking English to a Parisian and being annoyed that it doesn't work.