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I grew up during the Cold War. Younger people (born in the 1980s or later) probably do not understand how the struggle against Communism, and the threat of nuclear war was a constant black cloud that hung over our heads.

In 1983, ABC broadcasted a made for television film called “The Day After.” This show detailed the horrors of a nuclear war. The movie itself was a Leftist propaganda device that was created in response to Reagan deploying tactical nuclear weapons in Europe to counter the Soviet buildup. The Leftist narrative was that Reagan was reckless and soon we would be in a nuclear war.

The movie also traumatized many young children, as they were told by 'experts' that the ‘doomsday clock’ was just a minute away from midnight and we would soon all die. A not small percentage of people thought in the early 1980s that America would never survive to the year 2000. The Soviets had more nukes, tanks and soldiers. And communism represented the natural evolution of mankind from capitalism. And you did not want to be on the wrong side of history.

In 1989, we suddenly saw that the Leftists were on the wrong side of history as communism seemed to crumble overnight around the world. All the ‘expert’ predictions were shown to be horribly wrong.

We are now in a similar crisis with COVID-19. As some states start to partially reopen, we see the mainstream media in a frantic war to keep things forever in a restricted state. We hear this when they repeat the chilling mantra “A New Normal.”

What is this New Normal? From what I see, it means total control of the State over our lives. Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Assembly no longer will apply in the ‘New Normal.’ If we want to live as free men, we will be called “selfish” and subject to criminal penalties.

What is odd is how many on what was the former Alt Right have pivoted to a communist/totalitarian ideology. The idea that man has inalienable rights is mocked as extreme “libertarianism.” These people who formally opposed the government as evil, now support the most radical Globalist organizations.

Why this sudden change is hard to understand. But the common thread seems to be that these people (Richard Spencer, Hunter Wallace, Mike Enoch, etc.) all faced legal issues from Charlottesville. The obvious question is - did these people cut a deal in order to escape civil judgments? Of course, there is no way to know, as any such deals would be subject to strict NDAs.

What also supports this legal issue theory is the fact that they all seem to be using the same talking points. For example, out of the blue, they all decided to use the “Germ Theory” meme. (see below).

So we are now facing a huge push from the Left, and much of the former Right, to accept that America will fundamentally change. We are now supposed to support socialism/communism, trust globalist organizations and mock Constitutional protections.

2020 will be a key year to determine which side wins.

ramzpaul 8 May 19
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You are so, so right, my friend. 2020 will either be the last nail driven or one more desperate chance to hold off the lefties.


If you wear a mask and wash and sanitize your hands you should be alright. Plenty of ER nurses and doctors are just fine.


The assertion that the Alt-right could possibly go big government makes no sense at all, and I dis-believe it.

The fact that we were cautious about the virus at first made sense, and only in that way were conservatives briefly on board with greater government control. Now that most of us know its a sham, we are determined to stop the Left.


Louis Pasteur will be so pleased these dunderheads are just now learning about the germ theory of disease thats been around since the 1860s.

dd54 Level 8 May 19, 2020

I was born in the very early 1970's and was always afraid of the Russians and the specter of nuclear war. The Day After scared a lot of us. Obviously after the fall of the Soviet Union it was learned that even though the Soviets were a threat it was greatly exaggerated and they were just as afraid of the USA.

The one benefit of growing up during the cold war era (or the last two decades of it) was that most everyone was white, loved America, were patriotic and had a sense of us vs. them (the communists). Even liberals weren't fire breathing, America hating and anti-white bigots like they are today. In short, America was a sane country and people had a lot in common with each other and there was goodwill among the citizens unlike today. I'm not saying it was perfect but socially and culturally it was better than the present.

Regarding Spencer, Hunter Wallace, Enoch, et, al, first of all the lawsuit was total bullshit and should have been thrown out. Allowing civil suits for "speech that leads to violence" is a slippery slope and totally unconstitutional. Private firms shouldn't be allowed to harass people with frivolous lawsuits and 1A issues unless it relates to libel or defamation as defined by previous court precendent. But it does seem they are promoting leftist narratives at least with regards to COVID-19 and Spencer at times seems to be attacking Donald Trump not from the right, but from the left.

The other curiosity is that none of these men have formally denied the charge raised by Ramz Paul and we know they keep tabs on things he says. To me that is suspicious but I wouldn't be surprised if their handlers try to help them devise a cheesy rebuttal to that charge.


This is an important topic that is little discussed. Existential threats open a passageway into the mind that pathogens can take unbeknown to the victim. It is no coincidence that many religious cults are eschatological. The 60s youth culture was superficially about peace and love but what really characterized it was deep conformity to a tribal dress esthetic, narcissism and nihilism. It was about an escape from reality best captured in Timothy Leary's mantra of "turn on, tune in, drop out.

The 60s generation may have rejected communism as a grand narrative, to quote the Beatles "you go around carrying pictures of Chairmen Mao, you're not going to make it with anyone any how" but they didn't reject what makes it appealing. It's appeal comes from primitive and therefore dominate instincts. Civilization is a thin veneer over those dominant instincts. For example a monkey is concerned about fairness and will reject a grape if another member of the tribe is offered a banana even if in rejecting the grape all offers are withdrawn. Our primary instincts are not suited for civilization but rather for a fast lifestyle in an easy but unstable environment. The story of etholocical studies of monkeys point to the origins of nihilism. Narcissism comes from Luxus. Spare the rod, spoil the child may be bad advice but an environment in which self discipline is not part of the maturation process will spoil the child.

I have to go but more later

wolfhnd Level 7 May 19, 2020

I reject the popular, but simplistic view, that this is about health vs. the economy. This is not an either/or.

The economy can, and must, reopen. So a more productive debate would be about how to do so as safely as is reasonably possible.

We should be talking about how a country like Taiwan, with a population of 26-million, opted for no lockdown, and yet has recorded just seven Covid deaths. The sooner we stop pitting freedom and prosperity against health and safety, the faster we start getting back on our feet.

GeeMac Level 8 May 19, 2020
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