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Has anyone read Jon Entines book Taboo: Why Black Athletes Dominate Sports And Why We're Afraid To Talk About It? Even though it sounds like its attacking Whites or promoting Blacks it makes the point that genetic differences promote different talents and abilities of different groups. Here is an excerpt from an interview Entine did.

We need to talk about the evolution of some great athletes. Let's talk about football players. A: What is interesting about football players is whites still dominate at certain positions, especially on the offensive line. And I think that's because of the natural upper body strength you still see in whites. I was looking at an article in USA Today and the top 10 40-meter sprinters were all blacks of west African ancestry -- and the top 10 pressers (weight lifters) were all whites of European ancestry.

A: If that were the case, then I'd be denigrating whites because they dominate in weight lifting and wrestling and all the field events -- that's because of the natural upper body strength of whites

I noticed a lot of Whites I speak to say wrestling, weightlifting, and Offensive Line in football because they feel more natural at those sports that rely on strength and not quick twitch speed.

"Becoming a professional athlete is still a long-shot for aspiring teenagers, but it's a lot longer for whites. A black male would have about 1 chance in 4,000 of playing in the NBA, as compared to about a 1 in 90,000 shot for a white. And even as African Americans are abandoning baseball in droves for basketball and football, more than one-third of Major League Baseball and a higher percentage of the top stars are blacks from North and Latin America.

Even these eye-popping numbers grossly understate the trends. Check the NBA statistics: not one white player has finished among the top scorers or rebounders in recent years. White running backs, cornerbacks, or wide receivers in the NFL? Count them on one hand. Roll the calendar back decades, to the 1950s, to find the last time a white led baseball in steals. A white male toeing the line at an Olympic 100-meter final? Not in decades.* Don't expect to see a white man set a world record in a road race -- any race, at any distance from 100-meters to the marathon. It may happen. In some future decade. But don't hold your breath"

This was showing differences but not domination in all areas. Just different kinds of athletes. One reason the strength and weightlifting gets confused is for this fact.

" If one buys into Entine's argument, even out-and-out racists like Glory Halle have been fooled by the Williams sisters' muscular appearances. "Oh, they have a more chiseled upper body because they have less natural body fat," Entine declares. "You constantly see this in weight lifting; blacks do not lift as much as whites, but they have a more chiseled look because they have less natural body fat. All blacks have less natural body fat because they evolved in warmer climates," he adds."

Swimming was also a sport where Entine mentioned Blacks have denser bones and it makes them swim slower, thus you never see a Black Michael Phelps type swimmer.

Robert100 5 May 20
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Sounds interesting, and taboo. Probably won't hear much about it. The PC crowd is sure to squash any discussion of if in msm.

I always thought more Whites should get involved in wrestling as a sport or encourage their kids to do it even if just in high school. It is a great way to learn self defense and using your body as leverage and defending against attacks. Our future as a minority looks bad and dangerous so it would be nice to be able to defend yourself. This book states it is our sport and our natural upper body strength helps us in the sport as it does the offensive line in football.