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What do you guys feel will happen when in 10-15 yrs when the boomers begin to die off?
Puremma02 May 4 May 4 99
Good Morning! Welcome to the RAMZPAUL group. The official launch was delayed a week. But we are good to go now. I am offering a $100 reward (my own money) at the end of April. It was originally by April 15h, but I delayed it a couple of weeks...
ramzpaul Mar 24 Mar 24 88
What plans did you have that got canceled because of Covid? When the lock down started it was supposed to be for 2 weeks. Now it's turned into 3 months. Our state is basically opened back up. You still can't go to a movie or a concert. My big ...
Sacha799 June 2 Jun 2 88
What's the best state to be in when we go full civil war? I'm currently in southern CA so anywhere is probably better, but some criteria are: 1. Lots of whites without self guilt 2. Good 2A protections 3. Relatively low population density
ZapRowsdower June 1 Jun 1 77
I hope this website takes off. I wonder how free this place really is. Can we talk about FBI crime statistics and the JQ? Just kidding Ramzpaul, I'm not fixin to get you in trouble. The free speech issue is not always as simple as one would think. ...
kyokoislaughin Mar 24 Mar 24 66
Ramz do you see this?
Robert100 Mar 11 Mar 11 55
Hollywood composition of actors and actresses? Is it true in Hollywood even Italian people like Fonzie were protrayed by Jewish actors while this OscarsTooWhite memes were going on. My list was characters you would have no idea in Hollywood would ...
Robert100 May 16 May 16 55
I grew up during the Cold War. Younger people (born in the 1980s or later) probably do not understand how the struggle against Communism, and the threat of nuclear war was a constant black cloud that hung over our heads. In 1983, ABC broadcasted a...
ramzpaul May 19 May 19 55
Maybe this will get some engagement. What does everyone think of the new Happy Homelands so far? Styx as co-host? New time change? Flow of the show and length of it? Time devoted to super-chats versus just talking and leaving super-chats until the ...
Robert100 May 23 May 23 55
Trump should quit trying to woo blacks, who are dead set against him, and instead take a hard line on black crime. That'll actually bring in some Asian and Hispanic support.
sqeptiq May 31 May 31 55
Another common Media lie they repeat over and over again as thus to make it true by repeating it. They say the United States was founded on White Supremacy nothing else. Again they say White does not exist its a social construct and yet when they ...
Robert100 June 2 Jun 2 55
POLL Who would you like to see guest, Happy Homelands? Vote in the poll or suggest someone else.
Awe_aurora May 4 May 4 44
I want to eat at a Chinese buffet.
sqeptiq May 20 May 20 44
Just got here from RamZPaul's Lighting the Candle video: . Who else is here because you're 'working' from home?
huerfanostill Mar 24 Mar 24 33
a) quarantining without testing first is just not intelligent. Can you say incubator? b) here in mexifornia "essential" has taken on the meaning of keeping most of the economy going and giving government employees paid time-off. c) i've not stopped...
dodgethebullet Mar 24 Mar 24 33
I joined Slug at your suggestion. I like a good debate and find your viewpoint thought-provoking. You seem to grok that Aristotle considered good rhetoric to be seated on a three-legged stool of logos, ethos and pathos. Sometimes a phlegmatic ...
Tollermaus Mar 24 Mar 24 33
Hi, I'm so glad there is someone like you who is the voice of reason on this virus.
Sacha799 Mar 24 Mar 24 33
Instead of kvetching that dems made the corona bill political, how come repubs don’t make it political? Put Wall funding in the bill. The average repub still thinks the country has a vast, undecided middle that dems will scare off if they get too ...
JackLondon Mar 25 Mar 25 33
Eeeek! I'm level 1. I need to become level 4 to make a "group". Please help.
WingITprod Mar 25 Mar 25 33
The democrats will secure their own demise if they keep on the path they been on, in 70 years, what have they accomplished for the average American citizen?
JSTU187 Mar 26 Mar 26 33
Don't believe the lies people! Look at these "world" "war" 2 soldiers wearing drag - if they have time to dress up and dance and take photos it clearly means that there wasn't actually many people dying. WW2 was a nothingburger!
Binary_Agenda Apr 12 Apr 12 33
What's $100 in pounds?
Ash_Rich Apr 29 Apr 29 33
This week's Happy Homelands was one of the best. Gavin was funny and entertaining. This week's episode is a BitChute exclusive.
ramzpaul May 2 May 2 33
Cuomo: Health workers that volunteered to come to NY have to pay state income tax -
JoogleVAX4U May 7 May 7 33
My experience of reopening day in Arkansas.
ramzpaul May 13 May 13 33

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