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Good Morning! Welcome to the RAMZPAUL group. The official launch was delayed a week. But we are good to go now. I am offering a $100 reward (my own money) at the end of April. It was originally by April 15h, but I delayed it a couple of weeks...
ramzpaul Mar 24 Mar 24 88
Finally! Restaurants are open in Arkansas.
ramzpaul May 11 May 11 00
Turn their rules against them.
ramzpaul May 15 May 15 11
No, the State is not my mommy. Healthy Americans have the right to live free. Across the nation, Americans rise up against authoritarian measures.
ramzpaul May 19 May 19 33
Hi, I'm so glad there is someone like you who is the voice of reason on this virus.
Sacha799 Mar 24 Mar 24 33
Contact Info Of WuFlu Snitch Hot Line Users Posted on Social Media - - payback bitch
JoogleVAX4U May 3 May 3 11
Pretty much what is happening with many today.
CourseofEmpire May 24 May 24 33
How the media narrative collapses. Video evidence shows Ahmaud Arbery, a man with a criminal record, was shot while attacking a man with a gun.
ramzpaul May 11 May 11 22
Supporting communism is not a right wing position. We need more economic freedom, not less.
ramzpaul May 14 May 14 22
Jared Taylor is our guest on the inaugural Sacha and Paul Show! Come join us live on Wednesday at 3:00 P.M. EST.
ramzpaul May 19 May 19 00
Shiiiiiit... RamZpaul right!
MrWakeUpUSA Mar 24 Mar 24 00
Oops. Epidemiologist who predicted 2.1 million American deaths has now revised his estimate down to 20,000.
ramzpaul Mar 26 Mar 26 00
The opinion piece from longtime Rockefeller University epidemiologist Knut Wittkowski about the reality of herd immunity has been marked as fake news by Facebook. FB covered over my post by saying “FALSE, herd immunity doesn’t stop the spread”....
CarriePCox Apr 19 Apr 19 22
TYRANNY! ANTI Individuals & ANTI Small Businesses LOCKDOWN A Targeted ATTACK on OUR INDEPENDENCE -
JoogleVAX4U Apr 30 Apr 30 11
“It’s just a bee, bro!” How bee deniers and bee minimizers promote a conspiracy theory that the murderous giant hornets will not kill millions.
ramzpaul May 5 May 5 22
No, a millionaire sportsball player kneeling to applause is not the same as an American fighting for his inalienable rights.
ramzpaul May 7 May 7 11
Is it the scientific method to censor dissenting opinion? The “I Love Fing Science’ advocates have turned science into a religious cult.
ramzpaul May 18 May 18 33
Capital Research Center caves to smears from a Leftist extremist group. The Dark side of the Cancel Culture.
ramzpaul May 25 May 25 00
Why social distancing is evil.
ramzpaul May 26 May 26 11
"In 2020, we constantly are told about what a white woman did to Emmett Till 65 years ago, but how often are we informed of what Emmett’s war criminal father Louis Till did to three white Italian women 75 years ago: rape two and murder a third?"...
VDARE May 28 May 28 22
I’m hoping this works out better than Gab. I thought that Gab went the way of Trump by coming out strong and then it seemed compromised. I’m rooting for slug to be a success!
Hook-knows Mar 12 Mar 12 11
Self-isolate with Tiina and me today at 1:00 P.M. CST. We will discuss the virus and other news of the week on Happy Homelands.
ramzpaul Mar 28 Mar 28 11
Chris Cuomo, the CNN anchor battling COVID-19, published a picture of himself heroically emerging from quarantine from his basement. A week prior he was fighting with a bicyclist outside of his other home under construction.
ramzpaul Apr 30 Apr 30 22
MUST SEE: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health -
JoogleVAX4U May 2 May 2 22
Hello from Seattle, our wonderful amazing governor is protecting the lives of us healthy folk by extending the "stay home, stay healthy" order. Love your videos, they can certainly be a breath of fresh air from all the fecal matter and needles I ...
coreyare May 5 May 5 11

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