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Ramz if you could debate 3 people living or dead as a top 3 right now who would they be and why?
Robert100 0 views 11
Its so great to see you here. I love your videos!
Sacha79 0 views 11
Ramz do you see this?
Robert100 0 views 55
I am currently trying to figure out this interface. Replies to posts don't seem to be visible to others.
ramzpaul 0 views 00
Can you see this?
Sacha79 0 views 11
Just joined the group!
steve1066 0 views 00
Hello RamZPaul fans. Let's see how this works.
Wigger 0 views 11
Happy Homes today at 2:00 P.M. CST.
ramzpaul 0 views 11
Hey Ramz. Thanks for leaving a trail to Slug. Consider this my official entry into the Zpaul Lotto. And if I win, I want $100.00 worth of Alaska Chaga Tea sent to my front door!
Matuse 0 views 11
I'm here, Ramzpaul. Let's see.
tailor 0 views 11
Iā€™m hoping this works out better than Gab. I thought that Gab went the way of Trump by coming out strong and then it seemed compromised. Iā€™m rooting for slug to be a success!
Hook-knows 0 views 11
Good Morning! Welcome to the RAMZPAUL group. The official launch was delayed a week. But we are good to go now. I am offering a $100 reward (my own money) at the end of April. It was originally by April 15h, but I delayed it a couple of weeks...
ramzpaul 0 views 88
ramzpaul 0 views 00
Time to bunker up here
Vodzychev 0 views 00
Thanks Ramz, Enjoy your show. Hey, How did you retire so young?
JacksonV 0 views 00
Lets build a community to get our people together. So we can reclaim our destiny.
WestMan 0 views 00
Calm is cool, cool is fast šŸ˜ŽšŸ¤˜
609lives 0 views 00
Hopefully this site and group works out well. Thanks for the invite, RamZPaul.
G1200 0 views 00
I've joined. Hope it's a success for you!
RLeeBarker 0 views 00
Hello! I'm currently banned in FB so I have lots of time.
Jari 0 views 00
Hi RamZPaul. I'm happy to have another free speech site. I'll spread the word.
EmbrasseLeChat 0 views 00
Great to be here. Love RamZPaul's commentaries.
JeffHaffley 0 views 00
Count me in Paul for the Ramz bucks. šŸ˜‰
slugbug 0 views 00
Hope I am doing this right. Anyways longtime Ramzpaul fan here. You're the only person whose Covid-19 videos I can watch (perhaps it's because of confirmation bias but i don't care). My question is you used to talk about gaming, do you still game and...
DrunkenObi-Wan 0 views 00
Trying to get those Ramsey Dollars. Jk. Thank you for being a voice of reason during these times RamseyPaul. God Bless
Puremma02 0 views 00

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