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As I watch my western culture and White history being attacked and destroyed by screaming liberals and hate I have one question; where in the hell is the republican leadership? Not one peep from my representatives in Washington. I'm pissed and feel lost, while no one seems to be fighting on my behalf.
This has caused me to begin hating people as never before. It's a raw hatred too, wishing death upon many people. There are so many decent black people in the world but I'm starting to hate blacks as a whole. There are many great celebrities amongst us but most are rotten to the core and are behind ANTIFA , BLM and others who want to destroy western culture and the 'stright white man' . I wish them harm. Never before did I wish death upon someone.
I personally think that once President Trump gets reelected and has nothing to lose he will step up to the plate and call for an end to this madness. Hopefully he will rally us to come together and stop this assault by enemies within. The only way to stop the rioters who use force and violence is to use the same strength back. If these thugs go to burn a police car, deadly force should be allowed to stop it.
Would not a world where people are not allowed to willfully destroy other peoples property be better than the present? There's a big deference between stealing items from my business and coming to destroy my business, my livelihood. If we don't stop this attack on our western culture now, then when do we? After the whole country looks like Chicago? Lets get mad my friends. White, black and brown, come together, be pissed and stop the Democratic machine, the far left liberals and socialists from ending western culture. The rule of law.

daroldbanniste 7 July 7
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Don't get drawn into hating a group because of the actions of some. I feel your frustrations but that is the trap they want us to fall into in order to separate us. The people that are rioting and attacking our way of life, our history, and culture seem to come from all genders and race.
I would like to see a more visible and prompt response across the nation to the things that are going on but that does not seem to be the case. The feds like to be sneaky little buggers and do things low key. I hope that is whats going on right now, or at least what I like to tell myself. I don't think this is the correct call. If you let the mob run loose they will just keep testing limits and they will keep going as long as you let them.
The drama will not be over in Nov. either way there is more strife ahead as nothing has been done to address the issues at hand. Hell not much has been done to address the fall out.

Yes you are correct. I came across a little strong on blacks as a whole but I didn't it that way.

@daroldbanniste Man I get ya, there are days I just have to stay away from the news, it just burns me up.

Big corporations are buying into this marxist agenda, giving huge donations. Blacks hate and resent us. I do not want to end up like South Africa

Good honest hard working Americans will find their voice in November. Than watch the wave of red wash the fools into the ocean. And I'm out of life jackets.

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