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Under President Trump the USA has become energy independent since the first time in history. Something the MSM gives him no credit for. Biden and Harris hate the energy industry and have openly vowed to stop fracking and new oil exploration. Gasoline prices at the pump will jump above $6/gal by their second year in office. Home energy prices will cripple America. This is a very real fact! Jobs will once again move to China. Biden loves China, our sworn enemy, and has said so publicly many times.

It's so common sense why can't the average man at home see it? Of course it's the MSM and their allies in Hollywood telling outright lies in their evil attempt to destroy western culture. That average man I was talking about is too lazy to search out truths and facts. It's just too easy to count on CNN and his football hero's to educate him.

That's where we must come in folks. Arm yourselves with facts that can't be disproved and when you meet somebody leaning on the fence try to present some facts to them, if they seem inclined to learn, and hopefully they'll do more fact checking on their own. Direct them to some great conservative commentators. Especially black conservatives like Candace Owens and Larry Elders. Our support of conservatives just seems more authentic when you hear it from an educated black person.

I love all my conservatives friends on slug, no mater the race or sex. Lets fight together

daroldbanniste 7 Oct 3
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Hating is easier than thinking. I think.

guru Level 9 Oct 13, 2020

Indeed. I had an argument with a guy about the Mueller(sp?) report. He insisted it said Trump had colluded with Russia so I went and read the actual report. It vindicated him again and again yet when I pointed out the page numbers and asked the guy to read it for himself he insisted it said otherwise and would not read the report or site the pages to hold up his side of the argument. It's sad really how hard they cling to their hate to the point that they can't even think for themselves.

Hiro Level 4 Oct 5, 2020

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