The belief that ID for voting in the United States is somehow racist or exclusionary is most definitely delusional. Especially since ID is required for virtually every other activity. Like driving an automobile, flying an airplane, purchase products (OTC) Over The Counter such as alcoholic beverages, fire arms etc, etc. And when was the last time you weren’t required to show proof if identity (ID) to law enforcement, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), employers & a whole host of other such requirements that require (ID) Identification. So once again, why in requiring ID for voting racist?

SUGGESTION: Require ALL states to provide upon application Photo Identification Cards FOR FREE just as most if not all states already do for a fee – let the individual Motor Vehicle Departments do what their already doing for citizens needing an ID just not for driving a motor vehicle. You could even make that simultaneously their voter registration.

NOW TO CONSENT: How is it reasonable for a female to legally imbibe intoxicants but not be competent to consent to copulation at the very same time – isn’t there something amiss here?

Women have been pretending to pass out, throughout history, for the express purpose of copulating with plausible deniability their excuse should it be found out. If there’s no alcohol excuse available they’ll literally, search out the young man they want, strip & go limp – I’ve had that happen so there’s no question about it. I even had one apologize, the next day after she pretended to pass out, for me not taking what she was offering as it were.

In fact, women are so into projection, they’ll do whatever they believe, OR HOPE, men would do if they passed out. I interrupted my one evil grandmother when she was raping her best friends husband while he was passed out – such is woman. They (women) can’t understand, because of their projection, that a non-consenting nonparticipating sexual partner is nothing more than an exercise in masturbation using their body instead of a hand.

BACK TO IDENTITY: This video is about IDENTITY - or rather the lack thereof? I don’t suppose that anyone has considered that fake penises & testicles shoved in a babies diaper might just make them feel as if they’re lacking something? And in turn start them off in infancy hating the sex (men) that have what they don’t have? I’m given to understand that babies really do take note of all their appendages & those of others as well.

CONCLUSION: So why isn’t this practice recognized as psychological child abuse just like any other child abuse? And where are the fake vaginas for boy babies – or is this practice simply to instill male hatred in females at as early a stage in life as possible – not the other way round?

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Feb 26, 2021 · A mass psychosis is an epidemic of madness and it occurs when a large portion of a society loses touch with reality and descends into delusions. Such a phenomenon is not a thing of fiction. Two examples of mass psychoses are the American and European witch hunts of the 16th and 17th centuries and the rise of totalitarianism in the 20th century.

Posted by: Sydney Watson ~ May 17, 2021
“Yeah, okay. The trans kids thing has gone too far”

1914wizard 8 May 19
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Thank you Sydney. At least someone is looking after children.

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