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Look at the shit Democrats are teaching kids.
FreeThinker35 6 June 14
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Just a few months ago, I saw Sydney's "cultural appropriation" video and asked myself "Where is the world coming to???". The scenario presented there was plain vanilla compared to this ...
The world seems to be turning into a living hell ...

I feel sorry for Sydney, having to watch all this AWFUL stuff so we will not have to.


They use Covid and make up new strains of Covid to take away freedom.


Make kids play the farming simulator.

Better yet, make them farm. Farming is complex. Much to know. And farming is hard work. Farmers, am I wrong?

Farming is objective. Education should be based on objectivity. Make the kids eat the food that they farmed. If their farm fails to grow food, they don't eat. Just like 18th century America.

Farming technology: []


Well, they are the intellectual elite, after all. They know so much more than we simple commoners.

I mean, we're still under the quaint impression that hard work is a virtue instead of an expression of our inherent white supremacy. Clearly, we must have the whole child-rearing thing wrong because we irrationally insist on someone being a legal adult before deciding to permanently alter their body via transitioning.


Oh no they're turning the frogs gay!


They can't beat freedom unless they teach kids that freedom is evil, then wait till the kids are grown and in charge.

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