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Hell, just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your videos especially those that deal with LGBT and the left, I am lgbt but i have to say the left has gotten pretty insane when it comes to "inclusivity" ,there needs to be a point were the community says enough and there isn't.

ChrisPB 4 May 24
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The LGBT has gotten pretty radical and out of control too. The whole "movement" has basically merged with the left.

Yes it has, there was a post from lgbtq nation saying right wingers lost their mind when they heard that biden supported transwomen.

uhm I'm not seeing tnat at all, most of us are like well no shit he would. never mind his comments about transwoman because a large downer was a trans advocacy group, of course he would change his tune.

there are so many issue with lgbt movment now, in their desire to be be as inclusive and accepting as possible they have forgotten the wide spread issues of abuse. its the main reasion I have left the local lgbt group.

@ChrisPB Just curious, what exactly did the group do for you before it went rogue?

@modernage well I am a detransitioner so for a while i was a transwomen and I was part of the trans activists, until i realized what I was doing was just not healthy, turns out estrogen can really mess with your emotions

honestly they did not much, I had individual freinds that helped me but as a whole nothing really, before I was trans i was shamed for being a male and then when I was trans I got all the help I could get although I was told I was still white and privalaged (of course).

in the end. when I detransitioned and came out as conservative I was suddenly treated far less kindly, and i knew this would happen before but damn, liberals can viscous and irrational. what little support I did get from my local lgbt group stopped and i was basically left on my own.

I still get help from freinds but its not like before, but to be honest I am fine with that, I plan on getting back to work and the freinds that do truly stick around like me for me and not because I'm some sort of poor disabled persion that follows the lefts narrative.

I mean this sincerely and with nothing but good intentions in asking, I've never personally met anyone who's transgender, but what are your thoughts of it being rooted in a mental health problem?

I'll give an inch to the question by admitting that I suffer from depression and alcoholism. So there.

I don't have anything against trans people, but I don't understand it. It feels like ever since it's become mainstream in news, that it's just a trendy way to blend in.

I'm of the mindset that treating it as a mental disorder (which I have plenty of my own) is the most humane approach to helping folks.

What are your thoughts? Am I wrong? How should I be helping?

Just trying to understand what's happening. I'd really appreciate learning your thoughts on this.

Thanks for your time, mate.

@modernage I was transgender, I lived as a transwomen for almost 2 years and was on HRT (hormones basically) for 16 months and then went back to living as a man.

like most topics its pretty complicated, I think gender dysphoria is real, is it a mental disorder ? I really don't know and I'll leave that up to the experts. what i can say is that the current approach is causing a lot of people to misunderstand there own body issues and assume they have gender dysphoria.

I think gender dysphoria has become too broad of a term, and that there needs to be more academic studies on it, because currently the transmovement says, if you have depression or have problems with your body, you might be trans !

and to be clear, I am not shitting on trans people just the mainstream movement, its got issues man.

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