I am many things, I wrote from sunrise to sunset for about 8 years straight while listening to music videos and talking about the world to prove the existence of God and give the people of earth all the proof needed in a book, because I am the Devil and I have a psychic ability, I don't need any more examples than that, I am smarter and stronger than all of you and if you try to challenge me, I'm going to destroy everything that you believe in, not that it matters to you, because I'm the only one in the planet that can and has the power of doing it, because I am here to tell you that everything that you believe about the world is wrong, I'm not just a man that happens to be Satan I'm the Devil me I am, and I am just so it happens to be a real girl too, I don't expect people to either know or understand, that's why I'm going to be the one to destroy everything that you all believe in

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