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My name is Andrew, & I currently reside side in a clean & cozy efficiency in Lancaster, PA, USA 17602-3000. My passion is Commercial Aeronautical Art & Design, & MtB Repair. The MtB PICs which you see on my page, are my own creation, & is my own personal mode of transportation. It has been heavily tricked-out w/wire coat hangars. Due the extremely time-consuming nature of this custom, hand-made work, which takes approx. 1-2 months to complete, only those who have a very good job, will be able to afford my handi-work.

My fav. types of music are 60's through the 80's, & is all I'm into. I deplore rap bec. rap = worthless s***.

My personal status is:
Single, & never married.
My Politics:
Left of Middle, but not libtarded.
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