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When your beautiful first-born grandchild comes into your life, you may likely consider all the things in her new life that she will see, do and experience. My wish for Emily Kathryn is that she find love, happiness and freedoms that will fulfill her life, and that whatever influence I may bring to her will serve her to those ends.


MSNBC's Joy Reid claims Elon Musk 'misses' apartheid era south Africa If Musk was so fond for South...
Garsco comments on Apr 27, 2022:
Reid’s cries of wolf are falling on deaf ears
What do you think about this?
Garsco comments on Apr 27, 2022:
I’m trying it too. Very few of my contacts on right now.
Netflix Original 🤣
Garsco comments on Apr 27, 2022:
Someone told Netflix Elon was an African American.
Mark Levin rejoins Twitter, slams 'freakshow' of Musk critics (6:10) []
Garsco comments on Apr 26, 2022:
Seems like the floodgates are opening. If Musk delivers on what the world seems to expect is coming on Twitter, I’ll support him there. The next 6 months (leading up to American mid-term elections) will be interesting. We will see how he maneuvers to avoid all the knives coming out for him.
At this point, can't say for sure I'm Twitter bound now in light of Musk's potential takeover, think...
Garsco comments on Apr 26, 2022:
I’ve been thinking of joining now. Never been on it before.
JPost: With nuclear deal unlikely, Israel, US look for alternatives on Iran.
Garsco comments on Apr 26, 2022:
Potential for a better outcome. Biden’s wishes on the JCPOA would have been a raw deal for the US. But, remember Obama’s words: Never underestimate Joe’s ability to f*ck things up. He’s already proven that with every “crisis” since January 2020—even before that too.
Elon Musk's first wife describes their relationship - YouTube
Garsco comments on Apr 26, 2022:
Sounds like the kind of person the world needs more of…
Garsco comments on Apr 25, 2022:
> It is not practical for these vaccinations to be considered part of a public health campaign without a detailed analysis of the human impact of the potential collateral damage. > In the end, billions of lives are potentially at risk, given the large number of individuals injected with the SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccines and the broad range of adverse outcomes we have described. We call on the public health institutions to demonstrate, with evidence, why the issues discussed in this paper are not relevant to public health, or to acknowledge that they are and to act accordingly. ***Furthermore, we encourage all individuals to make their own health care decisions with this information as a contributing factor in those decisions.***
Are We REALLY Thinking For Ourselves? | Blue Collar Logic (9:40) []
Garsco comments on Apr 25, 2022:
The persuasion industry is truly bipartisan. No one is really immune to it but a good dose of self-awareness and skepticism is a very good trait.
20,000 Volts Under the Sea Will a mega project in Morocco serve as a practical model for ...
Garsco comments on Apr 25, 2022:
While the article touts the “doable” part of this huge project, it likewise brings us back down to realities that will likely prevent it from happening, or lasting as an energy solution. > Quite frankly, solving for grid storage in a manner that relies on cheaper and more widely available materials is the critical technical challenge facing the renewable energy industry. This is not a simple problem, and the size of the battery pack needed for the Xlinks project – despite the near-perfect solar and wind profiles – is a sobering reminder of the profound impediments constraining wider deployment. Physics will not be denied. > ***The Xlinks project is a pretty good concept, and yet…it needs access to materials already claimed by many others at prices increasing by the day, it needs to build an entire HVDC industry in Britain from the ground up, and it needs money, lots of it.*** Replace OPEC and Russia’s oil hegemony? Sorry, Evans-Pritchard, not in this wartime.
Another phrase that the establishment uses as a code for ideas outside the common definition is "our...
Garsco comments on Apr 23, 2022:
The Republic we have had has been being chipped away at now for the last 246 years, with more and more democratic nudges, little by little, such as direct election of Congress by popular vote, which limited the powers of our state legislatures and the federalism of states initially when the Constitution was ratified.
The Duran : Military Industrial Complex gold rush as weapons depleted [youtu.
Garsco comments on Apr 23, 2022:
The Biden administration has been very, very good for the MIC.
US natural gas in storage & crude oil stocks charts. I bet solution will be green new deal.
Garsco comments on Apr 23, 2022:
Biden folk talked about Trump leaving the “cupboard bare” in vaccine and other things. Looks like Biden’s cupboard will be bare of fossil fuels—literally, just as he boasted he’d do.
Here is a genius Madame Inflation : Christine Lagarde 😂🤡 Sound On [twitter.
Garsco comments on Apr 23, 2022:
Those bigger burgers are roughly a penny per calorie. Little burgers even more.
UK LIFT SANCTIONS 'to safeguard the EU gas supply' - Inside Russia Report - YouTube
Garsco comments on Apr 23, 2022:
The cracks are beginning to appear in Western armor?
Houston Tyranny: Businesses Must Install Surveillance Cams At Own Expense, Cops To View Footage ...
Garsco comments on Apr 22, 2022:
The 15-1 vote by the city council shows the deep reach and embrace of tyrannical measures in all levels of government.
Jen Psaki's response to Chris Wallace on parental rights laws shows exactly why we need them- ...
Garsco comments on Apr 22, 2022:
The Florida law restricting teachers from indoctrinating young children with woke sexual ideas really doesn’t go far enough. Unfounded practices of administering puberty blockers on up to surgical interventions to mutilate the bodies of young, impressionable children who are not old enough to realize they may be being manipulated into something that will ruin their adult lives, and may not be reversible should not be allowed for minors. As tough as growing up is with real life issues already, this is something that should never be thrust upon a youngster, imho. They are being robbed of their identities even before they have a chance to fully understand the ramifications and develop theirs for themselves.
Fox2Now: Biden has told Obama he’s running again. []
Garsco comments on Apr 20, 2022:
My guess is that he’ll get primaried. That would be be quite interesting.
I don’t think this will end well.
Garsco comments on Apr 19, 2022:
Definitely a bigger problem than just LA.
Is Bruce Jenner the father of his children or the mother of his children?
Garsco comments on Apr 19, 2022:
Has ***she*** still got all of ***his*** parts? What do Bruce/Caitlin and the kids think?
Zuck Draws Fire from Senate: 'Greatest Billionaire Assault' on Elections Ever - 'Rigged' Film Brings...
Garsco comments on Apr 19, 2022:
The left is very comfortable being the mole in our elections whack-a-mole game.
Ingraham: The RNC finally did it (9:23) []
Garsco comments on Apr 19, 2022:
Good, albeit obvious, roundup of the role of the press and its bias in the degradation of the CPD. There have been many swipes at Republican candidates over the years in these debates, many subtle and others overt. Glad to see this change. Whatever the new debate direction takes, it’ll have to be more fair. Start with banning “journalists” as moderators.
19FortyFive: Why The Battle For Donbas Will Be A Tougher Fight For Ukraine []
Garsco comments on Apr 18, 2022:
Tough decisions ahead for Ukraine, none that seem to lead to a very good outcome. Should NATO and the US get further involved—a World War—those poor outcomes may well extend far beyond Ukraine’s borders.
MSM flipping the Hunter Biden Laptop Narrative? Could an Indictment Be Coming | ZeroHedge
Garsco comments on Apr 17, 2022:
There’s been enough recent “reporting time“ now by the MSM since NYT and WaPo blessed the laptop narrative that they (the MSM) won’t need to apologize for having left it unreported or denied for 18 months.
People that demand that their college debt be canceled are plantation slaves, and they did it to ...
Garsco comments on Apr 16, 2022:
Many who’ve had college loans have worked hard and sacrificed to get those loans paid off. They should demand to be reimbursed if others’ loans are “forgiven.”
[] Better late than never? No. There's no excuse for the cover up!
Garsco comments on Apr 14, 2022:
> [A]fter the authentication of the Hunter Biden laptop story, one of the 50 former intelligence officials who wrote the "Russian disinformation" letter now says, in essence, "So what? Trump lost." John Sipher, who retired after a 28-year career with the CIA, in response to a commenter tweeted: ***"I lost the election for Trump? Well then I (feel) pretty good about my influence."*** This is 21st-Century American democracy.
Just about everything under the sun these days is triggering to people like Cullors.
Garsco comments on Apr 13, 2022:
People who are “triggered” like that most likely are in need of mental health treatment and counseling.
The ATF has not exactly made any friends as of late.
Garsco comments on Apr 13, 2022:
Not only making and attempting to enforce “laws” and regulations on the fly, there’s also another category of legitimate laws and regulations that are systematically ignored and refused to enforce.
Troubling racist video of subway attack suspect on street in NYC reveals how off the rails he is- ...
Garsco comments on Apr 13, 2022:
There’re any number of disturbed potential shooters in the US based on that “standard.”
A heartbeat away…
Garsco comments on Apr 13, 2022:
What they’re doing is talking about doing —not actually doing— something. Talking the talk but not walking the walk, as we used to say back in the 20th century.
The Dollar Devours the Euro By Michael Thursday, April 7, 2022 It is now clear that ...
Garsco comments on Apr 10, 2022:
Coerced economic affiliation doesn’t seem like a long term success strategy. Who knows, though.
Federalist: Biden Admin Prioritizes Climate Fantasies While Famine Threatens The World.
Garsco comments on Apr 9, 2022:
The left cried out that Republicans wanted to take us back to the 1950s America. Democrats want to take us back to **1850s** America.
RedState: Massive Blow to the FBI After Gretchen Whitmer Kidnapping Verdict Come Up Not Guilty.
Garsco comments on Apr 9, 2022:
The FBI is likely now cooking up some more fool-proof recipes for 2024.
Game changing weapons begin to flow to Ukraine after NATO emergency meeting- []
Garsco comments on Apr 9, 2022:
World War III inches a bit closer, it seems. What are the chances another less apocalyptic solution will present itself soon that can diffuse the situation?
Former BLM leader calls report on organization buying $6 million mansion, what for it.
Garsco comments on Apr 8, 2022:
> In the Jan. 31 letter, California’s justice department told the [BLM] foundation that it is banned from soliciting unless it submits financial records to the state within 60 days. The Department also warned that individuals “responsible for failure to timely file these reports” would be personally liable for all late fees. So, did they meet California’s deadline to submit financial records?
NJ gym owners who defied Covid lockdowns have their business license restored- []
Garsco comments on Apr 8, 2022:
The left is perfectly happy ruining people’s lives and businesses to try to set examples for the rest of us to see. Sounds like a small, albeit important step in their fight against the New Jersey authoritarians.
Couldn't have happened to a nicer (insert sarcasm) person there.
Garsco comments on Apr 7, 2022:
Was she part of that superspreader event with President Barrack this week at the White House?
Garsco comments on Apr 7, 2022:
This, with the apparent reduction in Army recruitment (number of soldiers), and the downsizing of the number and quality of the Navy’s seagoing vessels. Anyone notice a trend?
The article is long; but if you are really interested in the truth about why all the blood is being ...
Garsco comments on Apr 7, 2022:
Clarifying and enlightening with detail.
ScienceAlert: The Dream of Nuclear Fusion Is Now Closer to Reality.
Garsco comments on Apr 5, 2022:
Promising, but still kind of iffy-sounding with what seem to be some big issues still to solve.
Cracker Jack receives woke repackaging for gender equality- []
Garsco comments on Apr 5, 2022:
*“… Cracker Jack is adding a new face to its roster, with the introduction of Cracker Jill to celebrate the* **women** *who break down barriers in sports”* So how does Lia Thomas fit in here? Be a shame to see him on a Jill package.
Heartbreak on ABC’s ‘This Week’ as Chris Christie nails media on suppression of Hunter Biden ...
Garsco comments on Apr 4, 2022:
There’ll be no lessons “learned” by the media, imo. Let’s see how the left—the Democrat Media Complex—reacts and “handles” Donald Trump should he run again in 2024.
In yet another hate crime hoax, two black female students wrote a racist slur on the wall of a high ...
Garsco comments on Apr 4, 2022:
So all’s good now that it was just a black hoax?
Here’s some of the garbage Democrats funded as ‘Covid relief’- []
Garsco comments on Apr 4, 2022:
Biden is still pushing for billions more in Covid relief. Likely for some of those Build Back Leftist Projects that didn’t get funded last year.
The millionth Bitcoin has been mined. Why it matters- []
Garsco comments on Apr 3, 2022:
Link above didn’t work. This one should:
)}>o<{( 8-/
Garsco comments on Apr 2, 2022:
Whether staged or not, all involved seem to be readily reaping profits or other rewards from it.
TampaFP: ATF Shuts Down Gunmaker After Suit By Anti-Gun Group.
Garsco comments on Apr 2, 2022:
Is there a law that says “gun trafficking” specifically is illegal? Is “oil and gas trafficking” to be outlawed soon?
Email from a missionary friend who evacuated from Ukraine: Dear friends and family members, ...
Garsco comments on Apr 1, 2022:
Page not found?
Are We Dumb about Intelligence?
Garsco comments on Apr 1, 2022:
Very interesting and excellent discussion. Thank you for sharing. (BTW: how’s the storm recovery going over there?).
The Daily Wire went to Ukraine. Here’s what we saw.- []
Garsco comments on Apr 1, 2022:
War is hell. This report (above), though, demonstrates The Human Condition is alive and well in Ukraine and is carrying people through such difficult times. When people’s lives are reduced to striving to maintain their basic needs—and those needs are difficult or nearly impossible to be met— they still find ways to carry on. Sad, though, that everyday Ukrainians are the victims of so many bad actors in this war, and yes, Putin’s role leads this cast.
Joe Biden's newest plan to combat high gas prices is a mix of pointless idiocy and communism- ...
Garsco comments on Mar 31, 2022:
Depleting the country’s oil reserves over the next six months will likely lead to yet another crisis sometime down the road unless they’re replaced. And if the oil does get replaced as Biden releases it, then what’s the point? It’s unlikely Biden’s “plan” will help the leftists in November.
Pelosi remarks on gas prices show Dems planning more pain for Americans- [redstate.]
Garsco comments on Mar 31, 2022:
With the election just 7 months away, I suggest Congress adjourn for campaigning til January. That may be the only way to prevent any further damage from the Dems.
Garsco comments on Mar 31, 2022:
We’ll either deplete the reserves (a new crisis in the making) or Biden will will buy oil to replace what he’s releasing, meaning no difference in the cost of gasoline. Would that be about right?
On the campaign trail, Biden rejected wealth taxes as punitive, divisive, and unworkable.
Garsco comments on Mar 30, 2022:
> Biden's wealth tax, then, is ***a desperate policy gimmick by a White House struggling with low approval numbers on the economy***. Even Biden's allies understand this. Late last year, his administration tried to convince congressional Democrats to include a wealth tax in one of the big spending bills. At the time, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D–Calif.) reportedly called it "a publicity stunt." That's exactly what this is. Nevertheless, Biden and his compadres would be giddy for this to be embraced and upheld. It’s said it would affect only about 700 individuals—for now. And taxing “unrealized gains” is taxing money one hasn’t even received. Such a beautiful leftist plan.
'The importance of civil liberties': Freedom Convoy lawyer Keith Wilson - YouTube
Garsco comments on Mar 30, 2022:
*“We’re not allowed to have a view contrary to the [Canadian] government narrative .”* Canadians, it appears, will have to vote in seismic changes in their parliament to effect change in the government’s stance on citizen’s rights.
Cancel Culture says its meany to prank someone a fool ;-)
Garsco comments on Mar 28, 2022:
We can only wish it was all a prank.
What an unmitigated mess.
Garsco comments on Mar 27, 2022:
The forced, angry spontaneity Biden exhibits when he apparently feels the need to sound tough exceeds his mental ability to have careful consideration of what he’s saying.
Old Joe says Hunter is the smartest man he knows, and I am a guessing he says the same thing about ...
Garsco comments on Mar 25, 2022:
Biden: “I’m not a biologist, but I play one on TV.”
Beverly Hills smash and grab robbers steal "millions" from jewelry shop- []
Garsco comments on Mar 24, 2022:
Another “issue” that the MSM won’t be likely to report in the run-up to November 8.
Environmentalists are blocking the Post Office from replacing busted 30 year-old mail trucks- ...
Garsco comments on Mar 23, 2022:
There’s no regard for costs in DC at all.
DailyCaller: Biden Administration Backtracks On Media Reports Signaling Oil, Gas Leasing Resumption.
Garsco comments on Mar 23, 2022:
They’re beginning to think about how long it might be before they look at whether or not to start considering making a plan or not, and how long it might take if that plan should ever reach the implementation stage.
Worth reading this thread.
Garsco comments on Mar 23, 2022:
Nice! Seems to touch all the bases.
bans reporter who interviewed NCAA swimmers speaking out about Lia Thomas.
Garsco comments on Mar 22, 2022:
Link above didn’t work for me… try this’n:
Lambda Literary Awards reject LGBTQ author after she defended a friend accused of transphobia- ...
Garsco comments on Mar 22, 2022:
I guess no one is safe to say much these days.
I hope this is true.
Garsco comments on Mar 21, 2022:
Hard to believe that, having this “out there,” Putin wouldn’t be on high alert and taking proactive steps to make sure he gets loyalty.
Conservatives at Disney issue open statement detailing hostile work environment- []
Garsco comments on Mar 21, 2022:
Bravo! It’ll be interesting to see if anything changes—even just a bit.
Boston Mayor Michelle Wu (D) is catching heat for jokes made at Boston’s annual St.
Garsco comments on Mar 21, 2022:
Somewhere along the way, Wu has been indoctrinated into the racist *anti-racism*. So sad that the adults in Boston would elect such an impressionable, manipulated young woman.
Latest inflation advice goes from insulting to psychotic- []
Garsco comments on Mar 20, 2022:
Americans’ reduction in **standard of living** as a result of Joe Biden’s first 14 months in office should be front and center for House and Senate Republicans leading up to the midterms.
The CDC's credibility takes another blow after another 'mistake' is 'revised'- []
Garsco comments on Mar 20, 2022:
They’ve not had any real credibility since screwing up the original Covid tests in the spring of 2020–let’s not forget that that episode. **Early CDC COVID Tests Were Not Only Contaminated, But Flawed: Report** > The agency started shipping the test kits to public health laboratories in early February 2020, but many labs soon told the CDC that the tests were producing inconclusive results.
We'll see.
Garsco comments on Mar 20, 2022:
> The decision means that, at least until there’s a ruling on the case’s merits, ***the Biden administration can continue to consider the economic cost of climate change as it writes new rules, and strengthen existing ones, that could inch the country closer to Biden’s goal of cutting emissions in half*** by the end of the decade compared with 2005 levels.
Russia has reportedly used hypersonic missiles in combat against Ukraine last week, marking the ...
Garsco comments on Mar 19, 2022:
Seems most likely America’s lag in this area is a direct result of defense cuts during the Obama years. “Woke” personnel changes in the military in recent years hasn’t helped at all.
Breitbart: RasmussenReports Says Republicans Lead by 11 Points on Generic Congressional Ballot.
Garsco comments on Mar 19, 2022:
(Repeat of a previous response) Even with a Republican Congress in 2023 that lacks a veto-proof majority, we’re in for much more destructive mischief from Biden if he stays in until January 2025.
ReasonTV: Biden Blames Putin for High Fuel Prices. 'Tain't Necessarily So' []
Garsco comments on Mar 19, 2022:
Even with a Republican Congress in 2023 that lacks a veto-proof majority, we’re in for much more destructive mischief from Biden if he stays in until January 2025.
Toxic Masculinity…
Garsco comments on Mar 18, 2022:
Up is down and down is up …
It’s all downhill from here.
Garsco comments on Mar 18, 2022:
Maybe *not teaching* for months isn’t the best way to expect improvement in literacy.
That reprehensible Biden Iran deal just got worse- []
Garsco comments on Mar 17, 2022:
Biden is lying again, of course, saying the deal will do something it absolutely will not do. > The Biden team claims they’re cutting them off and they’re making Russia a pariah. even as they’re handing them tons of money like this. They’re undermining their own claimed effort to cut Russia off.
Biden’s nuclear deal with Iran is set to be even more disastrous than Obama’s- ...
Garsco comments on Mar 17, 2022:
This may turn out to be the ***worst*** "accomplishment" of the Biden administration. Let's at least do what we can to encourage the Senate to reject this deal.
Yesterday was another banner day for Joe Biden’s cognitive inabilities.
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2022:
What to do for the next 34 months? Are we destined to endure an actual Harris presidency? Maybe we’ll have a Republican House Speaker before Kamala can get a Veep nominated and approved.
[] First Nations chief warns MPs as Emergencies Act inquiry begins
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2022:
Please keep us updated on this parliamentary inquiry. Could there be enough pushback by MPs to effect change in the Emergencies Act?
For protesting Canadian truckers Bitcoin proved to be no magic bullet against an authoritarian ...
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2022:
Nowhere to hide?
Wholesale prices soar 10% in February, highest level on record- []
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2022:
Well, the dumbing down has been pretty successful. I guess it’s time now to work on that wealth and independence thing.
cost lots to fill a tractor this year too!
Garsco comments on Mar 16, 2022:
Can’t farmers avoid that cost by replacing gas-powered tractors with electric ones—just like everyday people can with their vehicles? Just ask Joe where the ETs are. 😵‍💫🙁🤷🏻‍♂️
Rand Paul introduces amendment that will oust Dr. Fauci for good- []
Garsco comments on Mar 14, 2022:
Chances of Biden signing a bill with that included seem remote and highly unlikely.
Ron Paul Institute: Is Washington Fighting Russia Down to the Last Ukrainian?
Garsco comments on Mar 14, 2022:
> The State Department is trying to get us into a war and the Pentagon is trying to keep us out. How ironic!
‘It would be a tragedy if this woman won the Presidency’: Zelensky’s ex Press Secretary blasts...
Garsco comments on Mar 11, 2022:
In that field of 18 or 20 (or whatever number of) Democrat candidates in 2020, Harris was easily seen as likely the worst choice. A “stateswoman” she is not. That other world leaders are outwardly mocking her tells us a great deal. Democrats in the US should be totally embarrassed—and taking notes.
Jussie Smollett melts down in courtroom after sentencing for faking hate crime- []
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2022:
150 days in the county jail. At least the Kim Foxx form of justice was rejected.
US consumer prices are rising at their fastest pace in over 40 years- []
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2022:
… and Biden is pointing fingers everywhere except where it’s deserved—right back at him.
Navy Claims It Can't Deploy Warship Because Its Commander Is Unvaccinated via @WestJournalism ...
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2022:
Some might be inclined to say this gives a whole new meaning to “Let’s go Brandon”.
CBO reports show socialized medicine would make Americans poorer and sicker- []
Garsco comments on Mar 10, 2022:
Leftists will ignore reports such as the previous CBO report on funding so their economically hurtful agenda can be passed, and tout only the half of the story that “shows” GDP increases independent of the associated costs to implement and pay for.
March 3 marked the 15th anniversary of a good friend of mine who got killed in the Iraq War, she is ...
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2022:
So sorry for the loss of your friend.
The following is a good read for any of those on here who generally agree with Donald Trump's ...
Garsco comments on Mar 9, 2022:
I’m in the Ukraine corner and believe Zelensky has shown excellent leadership since the invasion and the weeks leading up to it. That’s the thread of encouragement I’m holding on to. What makes this a more difficult situation for me is making clear any support for Ukraine ***should not in any way give buoyancy to Joe Biden and the US Democrats*** as we get closer to the 2022 midterms. That’s a big concern as far as the US goes, imo. We certainly don’t need Putin to come out of this any stronger than he was before. Signs, if you trust the news, suggest Putin’s got his hands full. But if a neutral Ukraine emerges from this, it’s imperative that Joe, Hillary, Nancy, John Kerry and their kids be banished from that land.
JPost: Poland ready to place all its MIG-29 jets at the disposal of the US. []
Garsco comments on Mar 8, 2022:
Get America’s fingerprints on these jets.
Bill Clinton announces relaunch of global initiative amid war in Ukraine
Garsco comments on Mar 8, 2022:
So when does the fundraising begin?
WH response is pathetic as gas hits all time record high- []
Garsco comments on Mar 8, 2022:
Psaki is good at her job. Not sure there’s anyone else who could lie, conflate unrelated events, and cover for the boss as well as she does. Years ago, the left announced that making fossil fuels unaffordable was the way to get people to stop using those fuels. This is that plan in action.
The Duran : System collapse.
Garsco comments on Mar 8, 2022:
Only able to listen to about 30 minutes of this discussion. Lots of moving parts in the world trying to respond to the incompetence of Biden and his European cronies. It’s going to be a rough ride, it seems.
No love lost there, never liked Pizza Hut anyways.
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2022:
Lots of other choices for pizza these days. I’ll make those choices over PH too.
RedState: Sec.
Garsco comments on Mar 7, 2022:
Yet another “innovative” way the MIC can keep those factories running?
I guess Brave(Browser) is caught up in the propaganda to.[]
Garsco comments on Mar 6, 2022:
What’s Brave got to do with this? I must’ve missed something
Interesting. So CNN is admitting they broadcast misinformation?
Garsco comments on Mar 5, 2022:
That was my thought too when I saw this.
Bombshell! Ukraine Press Release About Joe Biden! - Must Video | Politics | Before It's News
Garsco comments on Mar 5, 2022:
From very near the end of this video ... *BLOGGER: “... in front of one of the courts we asked the residents of Ukraine, Kyiv — Can Poroshenko be held responsible in any way for so much money, you can not end up behind bars. Tell us, please,* ***when can we expect this?”*** *MODERATOR: “It can be expected when the law enforcement system of Ukraine will be redesigned. This can be expected when the positions will be held by professionals who have experience, knowledge, and most importantly — willpower for the investigation. This will begin when our President Zelensky, who now resembles a bunny sitting, you know, covering his eyes with his ears, and it all seems not so scary this way. You have Poroshenko, you have corruption, but you close your eyes with your own ears — and everything is fine.”* Anyone care to guess when that’ll happen? This war, in a big part, hyped and pushed by the corrupt individuals in Ukraine and the US (the Bidens) will likely serve to whitewash and exonerate through coverup, the parts those corrupt folks have played over the past decade.

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