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President Trump should use every narcissistic celebrity or the 1% elite claiming to have the CCP ...
GaryMysels comments on Mar 27, 2020:
We, the aged an infirm, need to take the proper precautions against contamination, and let the rest of the less vulnerable get on with business while taking precautions against spreading the disease. Fire regulations have limited occupancy in public establishments since long before any of us were born. why can't businesses that serve the public limit the number of people inside, and have the people waiting in a line six feet apart?
Michigan Governor Joins Nevada Governor In Banning Anti-Malaria Drug Use In Her State.
GaryMysels comments on Mar 27, 2020:
This is an outrage. Since when do politicians tell doctors how and what to administer to those in need? Doctors spend many years to learn medicine, and the vast majority are true to the hippocratic oath, which is a lot more than can be said for today's politicians who appear to totally ignore the oath they take in increasing numbers.
GaryMysels comments on Mar 27, 2020:
With modern technological communication tools there is little need for face to face meetings, or large office buildings to house a big company's entire workforce. Work from home, or small satellite offices could be the future.
Don't Let Temporary COVID-19 Restrictions Become Permanent; Emergency restrictions should always...
GaryMysels comments on Mar 25, 2020:
Like the federal income tax that was supposedly to be a temporary measure to pay for the expense of our involvement in WWI.
Ben Shapiro.
GaryMysels comments on Mar 20, 2020:
NBC is just trying to convince us of what the Chinese communist government tried to make us believe. I believe the reports that some Chinese scientists said that the virus was created in a major experimental lab located in Wuhan.
News Europe: ‘We Have Space’: Germans Protest in Berlin Demanding Open Borders for Migrants...
GaryMysels comments on Mar 5, 2020:
As if space is all that matters.
Politics U.
GaryMysels comments on Mar 5, 2020:
I guess that even so lame an excuse is better than none. Like his plain old lust for anything but Hillary and his position as POTUS didn't have anything to do with it.
Washington Free Beacon.
GaryMysels comments on Feb 7, 2020:
Another Matthews' attempt to stay relevant.
Washington Examiner.
GaryMysels comments on Feb 1, 2020:
This sounds a lot like the GOP establishment against Trump in the primary of the last campaign for their presidential nominee..
GaryMysels comments on Feb 1, 2020:
God forbid.
Federalist. "New Brain Scans Show Screen Time Makes Kids Dumber." []
GaryMysels comments on Jan 30, 2020:
I thing it depends on WHAT they watch.
Tony Heller.
GaryMysels comments on Jan 28, 2020:
The Earth is more likely to be hit by a meteor.
We must stop the UN [edition.
GaryMysels comments on Jan 16, 2020:
The UN has been for some time an effete and irrelevant groups. Best to just ignore them.
Fake News Journalists should have been arrested! NYT claims 2019 'darkest' year for journalists ...
GaryMysels comments on Jan 2, 2020:
It was indeed the darkest year for journalists, but not because of Trump. It was because of all the dishonest people masquerading as journalists and continually spewing their politically biased hatred.
GaryMysels comments on Dec 29, 2019:
So what is going to be done?
Tony Heller-Real Climate Science High Crimes And Misdemeanors []
GaryMysels comments on Dec 28, 2019:
I've been saying that since he was in office.
Douglas Murray. "Do We Need the Left?" []
GaryMysels comments on Dec 4, 2019:
Like a hole in the head.
Jordan Peterson. School of Greatness Show. "On Responsibility and Meaning." []
GaryMysels comments on Nov 22, 2019:
Get together, parents. There is strength in numbers.

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