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Just another common as dirt Texan getting on in this world. By the grace of God I try my best at being a decent human being.


Costs and Consequences of Gun Control part 2 After the 2012 Sandy Hook murders, Obama ordered the...
KCSantiago comments on Sep 22, 2019:
Thank you, that was some very important information on this new control push.
Survey: Who do you think is the quintessential cowboy of all time, dead or alive? My choice: Sam ...
KCSantiago comments on Sep 22, 2019:
In real life, my Uncle Tex. He saddle trained a horse without breaking it's spirit. One of the best riders I ever saw, could fix anything that needed fixing on the ranch. Knew everything that needed to be known for raising cattle, and other live stock, and was knowledgeable about the predators that had to be dealt with. He also worked very samrt. He lived on, and took care of 6 sections for a man. He had all the cattle trained to respond to calls and the truck horn knowing they would be getting some of the feed he took out to supplement their diet. When it came time to do the spring, or fall round up to work new calves we brought in at least 90% of the herd by getting out to the back end of the ranch, calling them in, and then I stood in the bed with a couple of sacks of cake just dropping enough out for the cattle to keep following us back into the water lot. God rest his soul, I do miss the old man
Buckle up... Stix Brother is on fire...Yup directly from the Reagan ERA.. Talking about the new ...
KCSantiago comments on Sep 21, 2019:
This fellow has one flaw in his description of what Rambo fans look for in a Rambo. He did not mention the Rambo knife! Each movie has a special Rambo knife, and it is one of the things I have always looked forward to. A friend of mine spent quite a bit of money buying replicas of the kinves from the first 3 movies, and I have no doubt spent a good bit more getting Rambo's homemade knife from the fourth. The knives hve been a classic signature characteristic of each Rambo movie.
Trudeau is a deep state socialist on the path to communism! In china they confiscated the guns and ...
KCSantiago comments on Sep 21, 2019:
It is truly insane having all these failed socialist states, yet people still think it is the best path to take. When I have pointed out how nazi Germany actually provided us an example of the "perfect" socialist state our local socialists freakout. I have actually had some try to convince me nazis were actually following Christian doctrine.
Pathetic Kathy Griffin reduced to hawking 'impeach Brett Kavanaugh' merchandise on Twitter... ...
KCSantiago comments on Sep 20, 2019:
That was a fun story to red. Kathy looks 4Xs her age now days
Ughhh, would using nuclear weapons to drop California into the sea be unethical?
KCSantiago comments on Sep 19, 2019:
Only to the folks on the east side of the blast. Perhaps a few ell placed bunker buster bombs dropped along the San Andreas fault line?
Trudeau Campaign Ad 8 []
KCSantiago comments on Sep 19, 2019:
I have not been able to decide if U. S. politics are more screwy, or Canadian politics with Trudeau at the helm. One of the craziest things I have heard about in a while was the boat load of garbage his administration shipped to the Philipines. Then all the happy faces from the woman responsible when they sent it back. I do feel for Canadians, with the likes of AOC, and Pelosi, among a whole long list of nutjobs I fully empathize with y'all's situation.
One Godless Woman, a survior of radical islam! Street Prayers []
KCSantiago comments on Sep 18, 2019:
To begin with I am glad you have gotten away from this false doctrine. From so much I have read the islamic faith looks to enslave women in terrible ways. It is alays good to hear fo someone being freed from it's grasp. However you do not always need to be Godless. As a kid I had to attend a Christian church my mom had chosen to ttend. So many people seemed so thoroughly fake I came to the decision if the followers were fake then Christ must also be fake. I spent my youth looking for something to believe in. Later in life, with the birth of my first daughter, I began an earnest search for the truth. Seeing my child come into this world I realized there was something far greater than just what this life on this Earth had to offer. It took me several years before I accepted Christ into my life and began a walk of faith, but He was patient and revealed the truth to me as I was able to accpet and understand. I hope, and pray you come to know Christ, and the salvation He offers. It is a truly wonderful experience. God Bless!

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