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Welcome to Not My STAR WARS, where we talk about Disney, Disney Plus, and of course, STAR WARS. This channel is dedicated to exposing the destruction of Luke Skywalker and the Star Wars franchise by Disney.

Disney has the resources and ability to respect the story of the greatest film franchise in history, yet have chosen to completely disregard canon and the fans.

We grew up with Disney and STAR WARS and loved them both but Disney has blatantly disregarded us and made a mockery of George Lucas.

We are here to:

  1. Remind everyone what STAR WARS is / was.
  2. Call out Disney on ALL of their disrespect.
  3. Share our stories and experiences of / with STAR WARS.
  4. Show Disney that STAR WARS fans are not to be taken lightly.
  5. Celebrate everything STAR WARS before October 30, 2012.
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