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Just me.
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One of my Corvettes from back in the day...
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After 56 years of running my mouth, I've come to the point where I kind of like just listening and thinking about stuff. For people who think this isn't enough to know about me, I'll additionally offer that I like 'making things', computers, electronics, automation, robotics, but also philosophy, listening to and thinking about current events, politics, interesting questions, and probably some other stuff too. I am 100% a family man and there is no place in the universe that I would rather be than with my wife and kids. They constantly rock my world.

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One of my Corvettes from back in the day...
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I enjoy computers, robotics, automation, making things. This is one of my favorite toys. Go here to see how I built it:
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I'm a very table jenius.
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Making it Rain!
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What are You Looking at???
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Robot ARDI
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Robot Gadget-NG
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Live Steam on the Kitchen Counter!
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Spaghetti Selfie
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