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Anyone up for talking about computer code without all of the need for political correctness since it is talk about computers and not races?

quiet_One 3 July 13

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Im learning python right now and am def a noob. But id love to talk programming concepts and what not.


I am actually learning python currently. it has been kicking me in the head a lot. but i am open to talking about anything related to programming languages

@rustyshackleford currently it was going from javascript to python but overall it has been how my school has been "teaching" us. they just throw the documentation at us and expect us to code just from that. but i am working on improving my own understanding

Wherabouts are you at in the learning? I'm trying to get all the syntax down and get a handle on overall programming concepts and thinking. Its my first language and very challenging. Ive always been really interested in trying it but never really knew how to start. I bought some books about a month ago and have just been working through them. If you havent checked it out yet is a really great resource.

@someDude well ive made it through the python course and now working with django about 2 months from graduating


Python Lives Matter 😛


As long as its python... all the other languages are crap. lol

@rustyshackleford I think codepen has something for that. haskel to html. 🙂

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