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PART 1 , defining the Ideological Environment and its terms.

I will be using this simple graph of the political spectrum to define the radicals in either side of the spectrum as the far left and the far right. In my humble opinion, they are the enemies of the Western Civilization. The entire narrative of these 2 far radical groups is based on their insane left wing & right wing ideologies. Believe it or not they are cut almost from the same cloth of demented minds that only believe in their dogma and in their full belief that their victims (the rest of us) have no basis on Truth whatsoever. With the exception of their idol "gods" being different, supremacy god vs Marxist god, their methods, goals and objectives actually mirror each other. They both strive to a state where their respective ideology governs supreme.

The Majority of people in the West fall into either the liberal or conservative side of the spectrum. There is a significant group that are actually close to the center, often thought of as Moderates, who view their support to be more dependent on the nature of the issue rather that a wholesome belonging to any specific party. Many of these centrist are sometimes associated with the Independent designation. Aside from the 2 far groups, I would say there is roughly a 1/3 1/3 1/3 of each of these three groups, Liberal, Centrists and Conservatives. While one would think there is a high correlation of the Liberal and conservatives ideologies with the Political parties (e.g.of the Democrats and Republicans) the independent centrists may go with a variety of parties including these two as well as fringe parties like the Green party.

Roughly speaking, there is today a significantly larger groups in the Far Left than the Far Right perhaps by as much as two to five times as much. This is probably traceable to current issues facing the west during the Corona virus and due to racial tension brought about by BLM as well as the entire indoctrination process by the universities who tend to be about 95% in favor of far left theoretical ideology . This first part essay is simply to introduce the topic and define the terms of each group. The interested reader may want to research the origin of each ideology and the political parties. I cannot give this required research in the context of such brief essays I plan to write. It is note worthy to say that political parties of today may not be the same political parties of the past. Their platforms may have changed over the decades.

I will proceed with the Second Part which will identify the troubles and difficulties with the 2 far groups and the Third Part of these 3 essays will deal with the HOW TO cancel these 2 far groups. Wish me luck.

drshallal 6 July 29

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If the parties are the same how can you cancel them. Be similar to canceling sex. The left wants un-freedom because they do not have the faculties, capacities, drive and skills to be free. "Socialism is the hatred of the other guy who is having a better time in the world" - Americans Bard of Journalism H.L. Mencken


Lets see. Far Right, no government interference in our lives. Far Left total government control. I'll take closer to no government interference as possible please


In modern times you either support a One World Government NWO Technocracy or freedom. All left parties in Canada have declared their support for a OWG as have the Democrats. True Conservatives and Republicans support freedom and the right to vote. Everything else is just a distraction meant to confuse the people. Pick your side and support it.

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