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Home Page Fox News today is about Soros Funded DAs. I literally did this video yesterday trying to connect these people to the Big Tech DOJ investigation. Soros has his hand in everything.

#RAZE #17GEN4 - This is crazy because I did this video yesterday and uploaded it to BitChute but it is still processing...

Here it is on MINDS - []

DAs backed by Soros, other liberal activists join fray in clash with police


I have been 'right on' lately with some of the topical things I write about... I don't claim to be a good writer or reporter. I am just a news junkie.

RAZE 7 July 30

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How does Marxism benefit the elite?

I mean they are living large in capitalism


What is Soro’s goal?

It is and always has been to take down America. To destroy the country.


And replace with what?


@SocialDarwin NWO and Marxism

To show you, in an old video interview, just who Soros is:


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