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Marxism is on the rise. People are drawn to Marxism due to anger and jealousy. Peterson talks about how the super productive in any society are always a minority. Think Pol Pot shooting anyone who wore glasses.

Free health care, free college, free insurance, free checks from the government...not a good road to follow. We will all end up with nothing, one central authority that controls what you say, and what you think.

Redefining language, the atomization of identity, crazy group identities, destruction of history, the equality of outcome vs. the equality of opportunity, slowly over the generations it creeps end up with a generation that knows nothing of our history and for all rightful purposes are Communist. Live the mythological life of the individual, that is the right road. This isn't a selfish thing, it means you will lay your life on the line for higher ideals. Freedom of thought..enlightened thinking is the only road.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"[4] as an illustration of Voltaire's beliefs

Tarpon 7 Aug 9

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Jordan Peterson is the man!🙌


You an Jordan are correct, but do not get us to the part where we do something about it.

We have to separate, and do it quickly.


The problem with Marxism ... the problem with “Free Stuff” ... is it is worth EXACTLY What YOU Pay for It.
The problem with allowing Others to make decisions for YOU ... is that They have No Reason or Incentive to make Good Ones since Their Decisions DON’T Effect Them.

Al Gore ... YOU’VE Got to STOP Using Fossil Fuels!!! As he climbs into his Private Jet ...


I don't know about envy. It seems that communist countries are a bad as non communist for their corruption and failure to ensure the lives of the individual.


Peterson sold out a long time ago

@andreaostrov They are

@andreaostrov And according to you, what is the Jewish question may I ask? It seems you have a problem with the Jews. Please tell us what that problem is! Otherwise I for one would think you are a jihadist apologist!

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