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Free book download available: as a therapist, I got interested in Peterson because I have a strong interest in Jungian psychology and the study of symbolism. Peterson deconstructs narratives, literature, works of art. As a therapist, I have my clients make up stories ("projective storytelling" ) which I analyze, I have them bring in their dreams, I analyze their handwriting, I analyze their earliest memories, drawings that I have them draw and more. Symbolism is at the heart of this project and we are deconstructing the narrative of each person much like Peterson deconstructs a movie or fairytale. Doing this identifies the writer's map of meaning.

I've written this book about symbolism in handwriting. This book just focuses on signatures but introduces a very fascinating world: people will frequently embed symbols in their signatures (and their handwritings!). If you read this, it will help you find symbols elsewhere, and interpret them! This book is a free download today until Tuesday.


APoizner 6 Aug 30

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I tracked all these venues, sure found them true, enlightening, revealing. We can't seem to be CLEAR, straight, uncomplicated. We've seen and heard plenty of 'hidden in plain sight', turns out we might all have aspects of this.
Along with this is body LANGUAGE which tends to say it clearly, and we can't prevent.
This for me comes under what Jesus said, 'Watch and pray'. If only!, if only I'd do that more often.
These are methods that essentially slow things down.
Everything's too fast, zip, missed it.

Yes, well said. Freud had a quote...“If his lips are silent he chatters with his fingertips.” A friend of mine used to say, “crime always announces itself.“ just pay attention…

Or an example from the Bible. When Moses noticed the burning bush… How long does it take for a person to stand there and stare at a bush that is burning, how long does it take to notice that the bush itself is not being consumed. He must’ve stood there for many minutes. A deep penetrating look at things will help us learn a lot.

@APoizner Isn't that what FREEZE is based on? Why? Well, THEY'RE usually trigger happy.
If you don't mind my asking, and it's sure not meant rudely? But is ANYTHING ever actually resolved? Or is it deeper down the rabbit hole?

I loved graphology, sure found it true, too, and a book I read demonstrated how a criminal was CAUGHT. So, maybe that's enough, an answer?
But I was thinking about healing.
Truly fascinating work.

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