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Hi all this is my first post & im sick of the control of social media &media alike i am starting to fear for our freedom of speech hear in the UK &America as well as the rest of the western world we seem to be controled by the radical left in every thing we do & watch tbese days.

UfogeekAndy 3 Nov 23

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What scares me the most about the war on freedom of speech is that it's also a war on rational discussion. If you're not able to question someone, they become a dictator. We end up being ruled by dictators and angry, irrational mobs. And historically that doesn't end well.


Welcome! I am new here too, but this place seems pretty legit. It will probably pick up popularity quick.


I'm quickly lowering any viewing of almost all of the media. Some were good, yes. But what can I do about any of it? Get along, fix that sink. Get rid of the old bills. Yes. I CAN do that. But what difference does my knowing this, and this, on and on.

We follow what we want to be, admire. That's why I'm Christian, and neither for or against either
Trump or anyone else. I probably am against certain ones, but we'll see.

Are you as surprised as I am that it seemed to go so fast?

I follow the bible which says 'think on what is good'. The writer, Paul had plenty of his own bad stuff going on.
They'd kill him soon. Many other things.
But that's his counsel: think on what is good, ANYTHING you find 'good'.
Is this easy? No? Does it get easier? Not much.
Does it work? YES.
I think about how many times my life was spared, the fine spouse I have, many other personal things.
My knowing about garbage doesn't stop the dump.
So, out it goes.
This is generally a fine site, well thought out questions.


Ignore the obvious leftists. Here is the guy they worship, a complete gibbering idiot
Did he say fundina?

I vehemently disagree! They don't worship Biden at all - not one bit! He's a sick tired old, old school White male. He was merely a means to an end. Soon enough he will be figuratively taken out behind the barn and shot - put out of his misery. Nobody worships Joe Biden. Nobody. He and his useful idiot wife seem too dense to know that.

@iThink Time will tell.


Take heart, the far left is destroying the moderate left first. We have time. Speak up and speak out. And welcome!


Welcome to Hell. The Left is just people who align themselves with reality. And reality always wins. Enjoy your stay.

Blatant stupidity.

Blatant ad hominem.
Lighten up, friend.

@pbuck0145 that's pretty funny although I have to say that we don't know if we know we are dead after we No one has ever come back from the dead to tell us what its like. Well, except for Jesus - so they say.
kidding, just kidding folks - don't get all worked up over my joke. (whew! I guess I should worry about radical Christians coming for my head for that blasphemous joke - eh?)

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