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hope everyone has a blessed and happy thanksgiving 😊

YouTube Removes All Cooking Videos Featuring Recipes That Serve More Than 6

November 2020


SAN BRUNO, CA—To combat harmful online material during the pandemic, YouTube will be removing any cooking videos that show you how to cook for more than 6 people. They have also stated that any channels that continue to post videos of large family-style meals with instructions for how to cook them will be permanently suspended from the platform.

"We know that millions of people rely on YouTube as their sole authoritative source of truth, wisdom, and instruction," said YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki. "We cannot allow content that could cause real-world harm by encouraging people to gather in large groups during a pandemic. We are fully aware of the fact that without us carefully curating your content, you dumb plebes might do something we don't approve of!"

YouTube will also remove videos that include depictions of human contact such as hugging, shaking hands, and close-quarters fighting unless said contact is shown occurring at a BLM rally.

"We will also be banning all toy unboxing videos," said Wojcicki. "Not for reasons relating to the pandemic, but just because they're the worst." 

saramarylop3z 7 Nov 26

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I live in Michigan. I had my family over for thanksgiving. I instructed my guests to park around the block because my Governor has cracked down on criminals like us.

I've actually am flying the Cuban flag in my yard now. I'm hoping the new communist regime we cut me some slack.


Happy Thanksgiving!!

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