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The first progressives (TR's 1912 party, spitting from TR Republicans) didn't go far enough, which is why today looks even more like the gilded age, with robber barons as oligarchy.

The top 400 wealthiest people own as much stuff as the entire lower 50% of the country, so they get to say what you will see and read and what your politicians vote for. It's Brin of Google and Zuck of FB and Dorsey of Twitter who control your media far better than Hearst ever did.

Did you miss the last election? The $$ elite pushed the narrative that Russia was our enemy and in bed with Trump. In fact, Russia is not even in the top 10 economies (has a GDP smaller than Italy), and only their nukes are a threat to us (or not if you believe in MAD). The economy which has systematically robbed us of IP and is #2 (behind us) is China. China of the 1984 style cellphone totalitarianism. Yes, the China behind the globalism which is driving the worsening maldistribution of wealth in the US. China which has Hunter Biden on a string and many other politicians and corporations of ours. China, beloved of rich Democrats and mega-corporations in the U.S. China, screwer of Eric Swalwell.🤦♂️

When druggie Hunter Biden lost his laptop with a lot of damning email about his deals with the Bank of China, The US media turned as one and hid the story, or spun it as as "Russian disinformation" aimed at Trump people. Dissenting voices were blocked by fact-checkers on Google and Twitter. Half of people who voted Democrat said they never heard of Biden's laptop, and 10% of them said they would have changed their vote, in this very close election. But it was a true story and the Russians had absolutely nothing to do with it. It got censored by thosr who didn’t want you to hear it and is now dribbling out. Hunter is under investigation for money laundering- tax fraud, he now says. Not the half of it. The $ didn’t come from his sales of Girl Scout cookies.

You don't need voting machines. All you need is information control. If somebody like George Soros wants to fund Biden-Loves-Me riots which masquerade as racial justice issues (but magically evaporate when Biden is elected as though racial injustice was suddenly fixed) he can do that. If the cynical people with all the money want to spin things so that their opposition is branded "Communist" or "Socialist" or "Racist" or pro-Russkie, they can do that, too. And they can spin the double-conflicting story that Republicans are all racists, and wealth maldistribution is "stuctural racism". Leading to the idea that Republicans have all the money. Which is why the poor states are red (what?). They want you to believe all that, at the same time. 🤔 All based on trying to get rid of one particular rich Republican who they cannot control. 😟 Okay, that problem is now fixed. Get ready for more China-friendly US policy. And no fix for the problems that have been systematically destroying the US middle class for the last 40 years.

Babou 7 Dec 11

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It is all about the MONEY, and money means power!!!
Do you think the rich, in communist countries, live like 80 to 90% of the populations in those countries???
If you do, welcome to the NEW WORLD, "RESET"!!!

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