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Tyranny is at our doorstep
Poverty and homelessness on the rise
Self medication and suicide is someone's escape
I see childern watch cops arrest their parents either through not wearing a mask for good reason and i see the children's parents get arrested for fighting for their future as tyranny rips them away
I see many children fighting for their own rights with their parents and sometimes having more courage than most
Love is a battle, love is pain, love is happiness and everything in between. Love can complete you but love can also destroy you. And tyranny will take everything away
I fight for freedom but not for myself, I fight for our children and generations to come. I'd hate to see our kids fighting like this
Change needs to come from we the people don't be afraid. Courage is only one little step away.

1patriot 8 Dec 21

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Where did the photo come from?

it was with the gab posting


Ok Canadian sheep back into your pens. Your leaders will care for you. Trust them. #FakePandemic

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