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What? No Social Media for how long?
My wife just made a wager with me that I could not go without social media for three months (1st Jan - 1 April). If I go the distance she pays for a week holiday in the South West of Australia.

Should be easy enough. I am only on the following sites:

  • IDW
  • LinkedIn
  • Reddit
  • Intagram (Barely)

What do you reckon, could you do it?

CynicalGrump 7 Dec 25

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I have returned.
But only to IDW, none of the other sites.


I have shut down my Facebook. Have viewed my fav’s with Instagram much more anyway. #Pod casts #Subscribe to Echo for USA Truthful headlines #Love Sky News Australia 🙋🏻‍♀️Can do it ✅


Okay, it is time for me to go. Speak to you all in 3 months.
Don't forget me. This is me mid last year out for my 50th with the wifey.


I dunno ... if she's making a bet on your behavior, she's probably been secretly holding resentments for the amount of time you put into social media over other social aspects of your life, like her...especially since your reward gets her more time with you without her having to complete with social media. Beat the challenge so she can have her vacation with you.

Well, I am pretty sure she gets a lot of my attention. She just thinks I am addicted. Don't ya honey! (she is probably stalking me on here). Secretly she has an addiction herself.

@CynicalGrump lol, that's funny. I was just throwing out the usual female complaint. Anyway, good luck 🙂


What do you value more? Delaying expression for 90 days until April Fool's day so you can have a paid 7 day holiday, or just enjoying expressing, forget a holiday? Often holidays are fought with problems.
Hmm, could I suggest disconnecting for 1 week, as a study week, which should tell you if you want to continue on? How does Reddit compare? I'm lowering my involvement needing the time.
But not cutting it completely out.

Reddit is my source of entertainment. Unlike here, it is a good example of stupidity. No health discussions. Though it does have some helpful subreddits such as groups for people with addictions.

I personally value the holiday more than most things. I am a workaholic. My life is filled with work and study.

  1. I am the state Manger of a multinational fortune 500 company.
  2. I am the chairman of a local charity.
  3. I own two businesses of my own that I am one of 2 Managing directors.
  4. I study constantly (Currently a Bachelor of Business).

Apparently this is my own personal form of self harm. Well according to my wife, but what would she know, she is a counsellor and almost finished her psych degree....I am her live in case study.

So a holiday would be good.

@CynicalGrump Whoa, my head spins. Until the lockdown, we, due to many problems with our house, traveled 2x a year to a warm, sunny place for 8-10 weeks each time.
When we returned from Mexico last March, just missing an unreasonable snow storm,
a major problem where we lived was miraculously and to this day, inexplicably fixed.
We took on the other major problem, which is also hard to believe and life here in the winter is now possible, for the first time in many years. We love peace and quiet, and often have it. There are spiritual attacks which we must counter using the tools in the NT. I love to uplift where possible, spread Joy and peace where possible.
Not always possible. The Lord gave us a difficult assignment but it's proceeding.
We seek to do all we can to the glory of God.
My view is the one week is far too uncertain to forsake the mental flexing possible on IDW. You could do it, by force, discipline, but 3 months of intense angst which could happen sounds too costly.


Do I get to go to Australia with you? Because I could SO do it.

Sure, jump on a plane and meet us at Perth Airport. Mind you, in the US you only get 2 weeks a year holiday don't you? That would be spent in quarantine.

@CynicalGrump I have friends in Q'land and NSW, and if you guys are still under lockdown in April I'm going to have bigger problems than working out the holiday schedule 😂🤣😁

@Czaidan NSW just went into further lockdowns today. I am in Western Australia (Perth). No cases here for God knows how long.

@CynicalGrump well, if that's the case, let us know how you do.. oh.. wait..90 days eh? Here's something that might help pass the time

@Czaidan funny you should post that. I often think about getting a colouring in book.


Fuck that, South Australia is serial killer capital of Australia. Where is she planning to take you? Snowtown or Wolf Creek?

Hahaha! I have been to Port Arthur and Snow Town, not Wolf Creek yet. But I did say South West meaning Western Australia. Probably Karri Valley Resort


If you want to do it you will succeed of course.


Best wishes! Good for your soul!
If my wife offered me the same trip if I stopped reading the Bible every day for three months, I would ask her, "Why would I want to do that?"

I could get out of that on a technicality. I have the bible on my phone and it reads itself to me while I drive. This and classical music suppress my road anguish.


3 months no idw? Not possible. Don't worry about some silly holiday. In the meantime, There may be a lockdown. Then what!

Books Sir, I can always read books. Actually, might even get some study done for uni.

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