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Army Cpl. Hayden Harris, 20, fatally shot in New Jersey


dizzynews 7 Dec 27

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What no riots/looting/or fires for Harris, WHY???????????

Was he killed by a police officer who had qualified immunity? Did his murderer walk free? Do you have right wing news media digging into his past to find any small indiscretion to label him a thug and make excuses as to why his death was his own fault? No? That's why.

@JacksonNought Do you mean the "police officer" in the hoody????????

@Serg97 nothing in that article says he was a police officer? And if he was, it does say he was taken into custody, so he will be tried. This is like when that man murdered the little boy - he was arrested and put in jail, why would there be outrage over the justice system working?

@JacksonNought are rapists

@SouthAfrica191 pardon?

@JacksonNought Exactly, you have no idea of which you speak!!!

@Serg97 because some random person who never posted before just commented "are rapists" with zero context? You're really reaching.

@JacksonNought I NEVER have any idea of which you speak!!!
AND I have decided that any further discussion on this, or any other subject is a complete waste of my time!!! Discussions with a fool, is a complete waste of any persons time

@Serg97 here you go, clear as day. Any further confusion shows that you are clearly being a fool and a troll, and a complete waste of anyone's time.


Jamaal Mellish, 23, was taken into custody in New York to be extradited to New Jersey.

Hang the bastard if found guilty!!

No, when Joe gets in Jamaal will get a pardon!!!

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