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Patriots, YouTube has cubicle-bound censors deleting videos and banning users of all types that fail to toe their evil party line. Defy those that seek to enslave We, the People and to ultimately destroy Western civilization and place a New World Order above us that leads to a New Dark Age for the masses.

To ease your departure from that evil, vile Google-owned cesspool here is a list of alternative sites where videos can be found.

9Gag []
AltCensored []
BitTube []
BrandNew Tube []
Daily Motion []
Dtube []
Facebook Watch []
FlyHeight []
Internet Archive []
Invidious [] []
Leaked Reality []
LiveLeak []
MagaHost []
MetaCafe []
Rumble []
TikTok []
Utreon []
Vid8 []
VidMax []
Vlogs []
WT Video []

Obbop 6 Dec 30

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Is censorship occurring at Slug? Bit chute URL not appearing above. Trying here:

If there is no URL above the evils of censorship are alive at this site.

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