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Hey, Jake Tapper, the biggest hate organizations in the US are AIPAC and ADL that pressure and bribe US politicians into supporting Wars for Israel and the genocide of the Palestinians. Also, Jewish Supremacists like Soros seek to destroy nations with mass immigration invasion WHILE demanding that nations support Israel's right to remain as a JEWISH STATE. Tapper isn't only hateful but a total hypocrite. Of course, what Jews fear most is LIBERATION. Liberation from what? From Jewish Supremacism that controls the West. Jews demand that whites surrender their identity and agency so as to serve Jewish interests and agendas. the Jews.

andaleyutro 7 Jan 9

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kahzarian mafia
copy and past into a good search engine not google or related


Obviously the one who posted this IS someone deeply prejudiced, fearful and unable to access whatever intelligence they possess because of their fears.

The main fear in the US is to speak truth to Jewish Power. Have the courage. Lose your fears and speak honestly about the power.

@andaleyutro, "Truth to Power," any power, is a meaningless phrase intended to justify something when rational justification does not exist.

You know nothing about my courage. And your willingness to presume you do speaks volumes about what else you don't know.

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