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Most western countries have laws protecting human rights including freedom off speech and expression. What these tech companies are doing is in direct violation of those human rights and the laws that encompass them. Isn't it about time western governments if they are truly acting on behalf of their people have an obligation to defend those human rights and as such are required to enforce those laws. We as free people need to make our voices heard and demand our government serve their people and file criminal charges against these tyrants. If your government fails to act it is not working to serve the interests of it's people and should be removed from office . It is time governments around the world were made to do the job they have all sworn oaths to do if they do not they are not a legitimate government. Like the new Biden administration is NOT legitimate as it is NOT "Of the people, For the people or by the people!"

MrBogus007 5 Jan 10

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All the leader think it will help them stay in power....


That's a pretty good paraphrase of one of the key points outlined in the Declaration of Independance.

I have always admired Americas declaration of independence and bill of rights I keep telling people Australia needs to become a constitutional republic like the USA and adopt it's constitution adjusting it of course to suit possible differing requirements if any maybe if more western countries saw the truth of it we would be an unstoppable force for good in this world that the elite seek to rule.

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