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I'm trying to figure out why anyone can hold on to the idea that anti-discrimination laws as applied to private service providers like restaurants is legal, while at the same time private businesses can't be made to allow access to their tech platforms.

govols 8 Jan 11

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Hate speech laws have been enforced in Europe for some time. This corresponds with a major decline in patriotism. A good percentage of the population sees themselves as world citizens and looks to Europe and the EU as models for what they feel is a more sophisticated way of living especially in the way government is formulated. It is natural that these people would want to adopt European standards for open borders, health care and other policies such as hate speech laws. The problem in the U.S. is enumerated rights that most Europeans do not enjoy. Among those enumerated rights is the first amendment which guarantees free speech but the people who see themselves as world citizens think the constitution is outdated and adherence to it is the mind set of ethnocentric troglodytes. Since most of the "world citizens" are actually poorly educated in terms of history or have come under the influence of spiteful mutants it's about like teenagers thinking they are smarter than their parents. The process of dumbing people down to an adolescent mentality started in the 60s with the rise of youth culture. What has been discarded is the kind of low level wisdom that a culture accumulates but never rises to full consciousness in the population. Just as parents struggle to explain to teenagers why things should be as they are the analogous adults cannot explain what is wrong with youth culture.

Since youth culture is predicated on not being fully socialized it is not surprising that it produces an atmosphere similar to what we see in adolescent Chimpanzees. BLM and AntiFa being good examples of half socialized youthful attitudes. Because our instincts are for the jungle not the world of productivity that civilization requires Form comes to dominate Function. Unsurprisingly this coincidences with the Yin coming into dominance, truths over facts being one example. Truths could be seen as instinct or feelings over "rationality" or oppressive civilizational hierarchy not based on natural instincts.

Only fools tinker with things they don't understand and we have a lot of adolescent like tinkers at the moment.

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