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Germany SLAMS Big Tech’s Censorship of Trump Supporters.

guru 8 Jan 11

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Twitter always a useless site.


The “woke” are more judeo Bolshevik than nazi IMO.

And this fat cow is a massive traitor. She said these things NOT because she believes in free speech, but because she knows that when people are pushed too hard and their backs are against the wall, they react massively (American Revolution, rise of nazism, etc....)


I thought she was one of them. 🤔

She probably is. Even amongst the globalists, there will be in-fighting and cannibalism.
One of the fundamental flaws with communists/globalists is that they think they will have power as an individual. They never seem to understand that in a collective hive-mind, the individual does not matter and will always be overthrown.
What Merkel's individual opinions are, won't influence the pack. She is going to find out very quickly that she's no longer part of the club. She will shortly find out that the left don't have loyalty and will be more than happy to cannibalise her like all the other useful idiots


Germany knows what fascism looks like.


Irony stronger then Kruppstahl!


They finally figured out that the woke are Nazi-esq?


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