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Fight! Guns vs Hackers. Different weapons. Valid purposes. (Different generations because of the choice of weapons?)

Anyway, on a serious note...

Even though the purpose of armed protests is to defend freedom, and the purpose of archiving Parler posts is to keep proof of wrong doing (, I think that a question of ethics remains:

Do the ends justify the means?

Any thoughts?

Naomi 8 Jan 13

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As far as your question "Do the ends justify the means?" That question is always a slippery slope. Does anyone condone the idea of murdering a sleeping baby in a crib? Yet, the baby Hitler idea (going back in time to when he was an infant and slaughtering him in the crib) has been debated through the ages.

I think each person determines what means they're willing to go to for the ends they seek. For me, I think in some circumstances, the ends justify the means, in other times, no. Can't give you an example off the top of my head, though.


Joshua Phillip Epoch Times guy, did a live chat where he discussed a numerous amount of items, including the rumors that Trump was going to declare martial law and the communist looking flyer that was advertising these 'armed protests' in D.C. and state capitals.

He and I are of the same mind on this: That the left, having gotten what they wanted using the guise of Trumpsters last week (yeah, there were Trumpsters who went into the Capitol and have been arrested, but John Sullivan also went in and was near Ashli when she was murdered, but was released and isn't being charged), are planning to have BLM, Antifa etc, on the streets with weapons so the incoming Biden administration can go after the 2nd Amendment harder, faster & stronger than ever before.

Of course BLM & Antifa want the 2nd Amendment gone. That way, THEY are the only ones who'll be able to go around armed.


Nobody knows 'the ends', do they? I don't know the weather tomorrow and the 'ends' are anybody guess.
People aren't in control of either ends or means when under the long duress of US citizens.
Never before, to my knowledge anything like virus controls, no social life, no seeing family, no helping the grieving. Masks that distance and hide us psychologically. Losing jobs, homes.
It's devastating.
They can't help themselves. Their inner state has exploded.
We know weapons kill, destroy. That much we know. We know it's often the innocent who get hurt.

So, it often doesn't justify anything but it can't be avoided. Too much got bottled up.
To the greater degree, I loved many American people, so I just feel 😥 sad.
Sometimes, not often I do fantasize I could wipe it all away, do you ever do that?

Hello. "Nobody knows 'the ends', do they?" True, but surely, they are expecting certain "good" outcomes as a result of their actions. So, will the ends justify the means?
I live in England, so I'm a bystander. It is sad to observe that no matter which side they're on, the people in America are going through grim times. You have your god on your side, so you will be OK. Look after your sanity.

@Naomi And crazy lockdowns that Brian Rose said don't line up.

But you're right, sometimes adjust your thinking, everything changes.
I don't mean if folks lose their small business. Ugh, horrible. No.
But if you've got some income, then lockdown can open opportunities.

But it takes adjustment.
Do you ever watch Bigger, Bolder Bakers on youtube? She's changed over the years. This lockdown isn't good for her, from what I see.

@2FollowHim We can have opinions, but at the end of the day, it is the facts that matter, I think. So, don't lose sight of facts, I would say.
I'm not familiar with Bigger, Bolder Bakers, but talking of adjustment, a friend of mine is a florist, and because of lockdowns, she switched her business from selling flowers at a shop to online services. She takes orders online, arranges flowers and delivers them to customers. She is a clever girl and is doing rather well. 🙂


Antifa and BLM dressed as MAGA

Have you actually taken the time to watch the many videos captured of this event? Take of your trumpistan glasses and face the facts.

@xerxes My eyes are wide open.

@Tarpon, @xerxes We are so over this argument. Lol
No matter which side you're on, why look at the poor behaviour of the opposition and feel better about yourself?

@Naomi There is very little poor behavior among the 74 + million who support trump. Most of the burning and pillaging has been done by the left. We'll see. They get their way your tiny island will be a Chinese port en route to the U.S.

@Tarpon You're missing the point. It sounds like you're saying that because Antifa and BLM activists behave much worse, the break-in of the Capitol building by the Proud Boys and QAnon shaman was OK. You should be condemning the break-in and vandalism of the Capitol building, not making excuses to justify it.

@xerxes Yes. I've watched Trump closely for 30 years. A patriot. Cares. Never changed.
He goes by the law. And I wouldn't do it but it is legal.
He knows the law must ve kept.
I heard the military were involved. There's ALWAYS casualties, horrible but always.

@2FollowHim It is interesting how we, and that includes all of us, can watch and see the same person/thing and have totally different impressions. I have always seen him as an arrogant TV conman who looks out only for himself. He is disrespectful of women, racist, thinks that the religious are a bunch of fools, looks down on the privates in the military. So you may love him, but for me, he has put the icing on the cake by inspiring an insurrection attempt through repeating the same lies over and over, so much so that that it became a new reality for many of his cult. Worst president ever and up there with the top con artists in the world.


I think it depends on the ends. (As an example only) If one's people are threatened with genocide? Yes, salvation by any means necessary. Is the US under a threat as dire? That depends on your perspective. I'm pretty the answer is "yes" to enough people that we're going to enjoy some horrors...

My point is that so long as the game remains, the rules must be followed no matter who wins each iteration. If the game itself is up for grabs you might have to step outside of the rules in order to save the game.

Well said, but since you said 'horrors', I'm guessing your answer to whether the US in under such a threat is 'no'. Correct me if I'm wrong.

I think the game itself, to use your analogy, has been rigged for decades. We're given two choices, both usually pretty bad, and we're told to choose the 'lesser of two evils'. Rigged. Now, however, one side has chosen to take it to the 'next level', and I don't mean in a good way. If votes can be found in the middle of the night, then I think the game is over and it's time for a new game: peaceful dissolution of the nation into separate places where each can have their own: communism and a Republic. I know where I'd prefer to live.

I'm not sure your question; such threat as what, exactly?

@govols You wrote: "Is the US under a threat as dire?" And then: "I'm pretty the answer is "yes" to enough people that we're going to enjoy some horrors..."

So, whatever threat you were speaking of, I admittedly assumed, based on your comment that we would be going through 'horrors' that you thought of whatever threat you intimated as not dire enough to justify whatever others were going to do that would lead to us enjoying 'some horrors'.


It appears I've been unintentionally obscure. I think the democrats, having stolen the 2020 presidential and probably the 2021 senate elections, are about to steal the electoral process itself. In doing so they've taken away the game. There are no longer any rules. They're stated intent is to end the electoral college, allow felons and minors and maybe illegal migrants to vote, pack the courts, and establish one-party-rule. And they're yielding to the marxist and sjw wing the moral authority of "loyal-opposition." They're literally calling for rounding up 75 or 100 million people for re-education. We're goin to witness horrors and there are no longer any limits on the means that people might go to in order to preserve or impose their own reality from or upon "The Other."

Or maybe not. Time will tell.

@govols Ah, then I agree completely with everything you just said. Word for word. And I did think you were being ambiguous for security reasons.

If they're serious about this stuff, it's time to get organized on a local level and call for secession conventions in our states. Let the people decide. Calling a convention is a time tested peaceful way of resolving differences between a state and the federal level. In 1815 the Northeast did it at the Hartford Convention where they briefly debated secession. I'd like to think if they'd let in the 'hotheads' like John Lowell Jr. and Josiah Quincy, they might have had it earlier (like 1812) and actually seceded.

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