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I was just looking into the global mortality for "Annual Flu" to my surprise we seem to have wiped it out completely, or have we? Or (this is merely a theory I have no facts at this point to back it up full so let me clear THIS IS ONLY A THEORY) what if covid-19 is the annual flu. What if they are using it as little more than an excuse to strip away our freedoms. How would that work? Simple really. We have in the last months seen the rise of this new "Novel" virus at the same time the annual flu seems to have been totally eradicated from the entire world. Something we have never been able to do before no matter the of vaccines given but now it seems to be gone. However we all of a sudden have covid-19. Which is still less deadly than annual flu and only about as contagious as the common cold. We still have a significantly lower mortality than annual flu, lower even than TB. But what we do have is increased denial of our basic human rights, we have mass censorship and even people going to jail for having a differing opinion from the main stream, Using covid-19 as a justification for what was not so long ago seen as a crime stealing away our human rights. I think there is a good chance that covid-19 and annual flu are actually one and the same and this is little more than a co-ordinated, manufactured crisis designed to justify the enslavement of all but the 1%. Again this is just a theory not a proven fact. I do not have the time or resources to prove this theory but I do hope someone out there reading this does. If it is proven correct the we are looking at the greatest global crime against all humanity in history. If I am proven wrong the you must admit at least this is one doozy of a coincidence.

MrBogus007 5 Jan 13

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Belief in conspiracy theories is due to Low Science Literacy. It is also associated with mental health issues including Narcissism.
There are some who are so fearful of covid that they have to deny it to survive mentally. That's all ok, but quit making scientific statements you have no clue about unless you've got a degree in science or medicine ... and yes, I do.


Everyone should be mad as hell & we’re not going to take it anymore! It’s all about the control & power!

Its more likely you are so fearful that you want to deny its existence but covid does exist. It is dangerous and you do need to try to avoid it. Other than socially distancing, washing your hands and not touching your face, there is little else you can - now you can add being vaccinated if that's your choice. You'd be better off mentally not to listen to conspiracies. Stay real.


I'm happy to see others noticing this I truly believe we are being scammed. And if anyone is paying attention they just FUCKED US OUT OF 700 BILLION DOLLARS! We are going to hit a depression and then Covid won't be much of a concern when we're starving.

You don't have a choice. We have a pandemic. If you reduce the spread the economy can get on with working and there won't be a depression. But if you listen to conspiracies and deny it's existence and don't socially distance etc, you're asking for deaths and a failing economy. Your choice.

@Hellooo Wait for what the small businesses are going broke now they can't wait!!! You just wait until your starving and then we will have this covids going to kill me conversation.


CDC said months ago, they were not going to record influenza deaths.

That does not explain the rest of the world. Also one then must wonder why the CDC has decided not to record annual flu deaths could it be the numbers are higher or could it be that my theory is correct? It does make you think.

Show us where they said that


Well if you read this statement from the Ontario Government in regards to determining deaths fron Covid, it will give weight to your idea.

From the Ontario Governments Publication on Covid 19 regarding how they add up the deaths from Covid 19.
[7] Back to paragraph^ Deaths are determined by using the outcome field in iPHIS, CORES, CCMtool or The COD. Any case marked "Fatal" is included in the deaths data. Deaths are included whether or not COVID-19 was determined to be a contributing or underlying cause of death as indicated in the iPHIS field “Type of Death”.

yeah they are doing this every where in the world, they are inflating the4 numbers by including deaths of people with covid but did not die from covid. They do this to attempt to drive the fear and panic they have incited in the population. Sadly far too many seem to think this is perfectly alright when they should call B.S. I'm just guessing the true number of people that have died from covid would likely be around a third of what they would have us believe. This is also why the keep pushing the number of infection in general instead of focusing on just how many have recovered and how many are infected without symptoms or only mild symptoms. Most of us should be very angry over this as they are all treating us like we are just that stupid.

@MrBogus007 much less than a third. Governments have financially incentivised labelling anything they can as covid. There is a lot of pressure from the highest levels down to mark as much as possible as covid to get federal cash for state hospitals. I work in NSW, but with Doctors who have worked the entire east coast and have heard some pretty shifty examples of stuff that goes on.
The CDC admitted that only 6% of deaths were from covid directly (similar announcement made in VIC). This absolutely is a trojan horse for something bigger.

OMG You don't understand Stats and yet you're willing to comment as if you're an expert.
Excess deaths are counted at the end of the year which gives countries a good idea of how many people were killed by the new thing in the block - in this case, covid. The deaths in all but 4 countries are all more than previously thought. That means they've been undercounting the number of deaths due to covid. Google that before replying to me. I don't want to waste my time.


A new Flu comes from chickens and birds in China, every year!
This year, so much of the world is Locked down, socially distancing, wearing masks and or washing hands, that the normal flu has had little chance of spreading.
It provides a great idea of how public hygiene impacts on the amount of disease we have ever year.

Your explanation sounds very nice, however, all those measures has yet to impact the Wuhan in any appreciable way, at all.
As of a week or so ago a comparison of reported Flu infections in the US as of the same time last year was over 7,000 yet this same timeframe this year only 36 have been reported.
Now try critically thinking and ask yourself how can that even be possible. No amount of masks and distancing for one corona virus would result in well over a 99.99% reduction in that disease while another corona virus seems to be unchecked under the same measures. Science does not work that way, either we have found a cure for the Flu or the numbers are not adding up...or maybe they are not being counted in a way that they should be.

@Genghis Or does the flu virus also have the markers for a C0r0na virus? I read somewhere that colds and flus are a type of the same C0r0na family of viruses. Technically, could they only be testing the "family" of virus and not a specific one to get the numbers they want?

@Starlight That is a reasonably good questions, I am not a geneticist so I cannot answer how closely matched the Flu is to the Wuhan other than they are in or come from the corona family of viruses. More to your point, what I think may be happening is the PCR test they are using is not proving to be that reliable (it is known to give false positives and negatives) and it is likely counting positives for the Wuhan when it is another sister virus, this explanation gives them the benefit of the doubt. The other possibility is that they are knowingly and/or willingly lumping all raspatory illnesses into this counting in order to make things appear different than they truly are, that explanation is obviously more sinister at its heart. However, not all scientists in this field are the sinister type, political maybe but not sinister, and you cannot remove the politics of what is going on here, eventually someone is going to raise a flag about these offsets and provide a reasonable answer to why the Flu numbers are so skewed. ...and I wouldn't be surprised to hear that they have "accidently" been adding them into the Wuhan numbers, or some other factor that made it difficult to separate them out. Actually, the higher Wuhan infection numbers, in this case, is a good thing, in so far as it helps reduce the Case Mortality Rate and therefore the Infection Mortality Rate i.e. the more infections you have with fewer deaths, the survivability rate goes up so in the end not using accurate numbers is a double edged sword. Overall, the CDC is currently reporting an average mortality rate of 0.5%, making a 99.5% survivability rate. However, that is an average, if you are over 65 with any comorbidities then your mortality rate is 5.4% or even worse depending on your health and condition, while age 19 and under your probability of death is 0.003%.

@Genghis the normal flu is a lot less catching than covid. Just the social distancing, hand washing etc decreased the flu going from person to person. Then many were fascinated for the normal flu .... so very few people got it. Simple. Don't answer me if you don't understand this. Educate yourself.

@Hellooo HELLLOOOOO it's me I"m answering you...are you thoroughly upset yet or are you just getting started?
True, the Wuhan is more infectious than the Flu and therefore can be transmitted more readily or in your more educated words the -19 is more catching. It also helps that it is a new strain aka "novel" and this also serves to increase the rate of infection. Once herd immunity is reached the Wuhan's infection rate will decrease.
HOWEVER, no amount of hand washing etc. will account for a year to year drop to the tune of 98+% in the incidence of Flu and you know it. Even the CDC says that while it is likely that these measures may have had an impact, they also state that causality cannot be inferred as of yet. In other words they either do not know or have not seen enough data to support any solid conclusions. So why don't you go throw on your lab coat and whip up some data to help out the CDC and stop trolling us here, oh, and do come back when you have definitive data to back up your assertions.

@Genghis Thank you for this fair assessment of what is probably happening.


Of course there is no longer a disease called flu. There are also no heart attacks, strokes, etc, everything id covid. LOL

That's ridiculous and you're exposing your lack of education. The stats for all diseases are being provided at the same rate they always were. If a person dies of covid, all the other illnesses the person has are also reported eg cardiac disease, diabetes, stroke etc as causes of death. It's only uneducated conspiracists who believe otherwise.

@Hellooo Boy, they have you trained.

@Hellooo Back in the Oct-Nov timeframe Johns Hopkins did a comparison of total deaths in the US during that 2020 time period as compared to previous years. They found that the total number of deaths in 2020 were not appreciably higher up to that point. In addition, they found that deaths for Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer were all down. Now since we have not found cures for these maladies it seems that your supposition about how the numbers are being counted does not hold water...but if you think so please support it with the actual numbers that show they are all being accounted for in the numbers we statistically see year to year.

@Genghis LOL. All cured! That's great. I'll tell my doc my heart's fine. LOL.

@Genghis I can tell you're not a scientist. I am. To explain to you where you're going wrong would really too long. Go and educate yourself before you start spouting ridiculous ideas.

@lawrenceblair Boy are you showing how stupid you are

@Hellooo A) You should ask for your money back from wherever you received your credentials. B) YOU have no idea who I am or what my background seem to be more interested in belittling people rather than using your 10 pound head to educate us great unwashed. Of course if you did take the time to educate us, we might actually find out what you do not know...

@Hellooo a SCIENTIST? A scientist, huh. Maybe that is your problem. LOL


The answers to those questions are all over this site 😁. There is a covid 19 group too.

I really hate to use this term but "The Truth Is Out There"

@MrBogus007 it is! 🤣


Flu and cold incidence is down.
This is absolutely predictable considering that the same prescriptions of mask, social distancing, and hygiene that are intended to bring down covid will also bring down any other contagious disease, like the flu and the cold

no they won't it has in fact been proven that masks and lock downs don't stop the virus and can in fact make matters far worse.

No they won't what?

And what you claim has been proven is in fact the exact opposite of what several scientific journals have shown to be true.

I urge you to research more on the actual scientific journals and less on social media and random websites to see why this is true.

@MrBogus007 You are uneducated and shouldn't be commenting on these issues. All the data shows the opposite of what you say. You're probably either uneducated or had an authority issue with your parents so anything society says you go against it. Be careful, that's not safe for you.

@TheMiddleWay You sir do not know me and there is more than enough evidence to support what I am say. Insulting me does not prove your point> Even the W.H.O supports what I say so I suspect you sir are a leftist schill that most likely also believe that "Catastrophic Climate Change is also real. I put it to you that you are a MSM muppet that believes everything they are told without bothering to check the truth. The fact is there are a growning number of medical experts trying to get the truth out only to be shut down but left wing socialists who live in feaRr of people that seek the truth.


You are uneducated and shouldn't be commenting on these issues

I have a PhD in medical physics and another one in theoretical particle physics and work in radiation oncology curing cancer patients daily

How about you you?


All the data shows the opposite of what you say.

Show me...

You should not find it insulting for me to recommend that you research actual sciences in science journals instead of social media and conservative outlets.


there is more than enough evidence to support what I am say.

Show me...


I suspect you sir are a leftist schill

I put it to you that you are a MSM muppet

A wise man once said

Insulting me does not prove your point>

Do you agree with that wise man?


The fact is there are a growning number of medical experts

When that growing number of medical experts becomes the majority then they will have a platform.

Until that time, the majority experts promote the use of masks and quarantining and I have no problem listening to the majority of scientists over a small, but allegedly growing, minority.

The same way that my patients should listen to our majority consensus that radiation, chemo, surgery, and immunotherapy are the best options to treat their cancer...
...And not homeopathy, reiki, or Crystal power despite a small, but allegedly growing, minority of doctors that claim otherwise.

@TheMiddleWay The insult is assuming my level of education and my relationship with my family or how I feel about authority you know nothing about me. But I do not just take the word of government or the so-called experts when they back flip on every thing they have said only weeks before. You attack me but present no actual evidence from independent sources. Be gone with you schill. And by the way my info has come from many different sources including the very experts you refer to until they back flipped themselves I make no apology for refusing to believe a government that I know lies to us all or MSM that have been caught lying all too many time or to so called experts that back flip as soon as their first expert opinion become inconvenient. Be gone with you schill

@TheMiddleWay Give it a rest, I'll bet if we were talking about Astro Physics you'd have a PhD in that too...
Stop being so damned pompass and start dazzling us with the data, let's see links, official numbers, and actual scientific analysis not done by you since it's obvious you are more interested belittling people and asserting your superiority over them at the same time...

@MrBogus007 you are correct, @TheMiddleWay is a commie, pretending to be a moderate. He is a troll, trying to pass himself of as an intellectual. But really all he does is point the finger and everything that isn't left, while ignoring his own hipocracy.


>>>"I have a PhD in medical physics and another one in theoretical particle physics and work in radiation oncology curing cancer patients daily

How about you you?"<<<

Wow. That was a childish response coming from someone who espouses to have degrees.

Radiation, nuclear, or biomedical theoretical physics does not make you a virologist or a biologist.

That's like saying you are a master builder of pianos and know how to play all the works of Rachmaninoff because… pianos.

@Genghis it would make zero difference if you had the data. The data is anywhere you want to look on the internet.
If you're not a civil engineer, don't give advice on how to build a bridge to a civil engineer. You non scientific non medical idiots with zero education in this area, seem to think it's ok to spout absolute BS. Seriously, either get a medical degree or shut up.

@Hellooo well that accelerated quickly, I fear for your patients IF you are a medical professional, as you have one hell of a bed side manner.
Thankfully this is not Twitter, so you are going to have a damn hard time shutting anyone up here...but you go ahead and give it a shot, cause if you can't make an educated argument then you should immediately resort to name calling and an increased level of rudeness, because that ALWAYS makes your point.


The media have done a wonderful job of panicking people, to the point there are many people in society who are paranoid and irrational, willing to give up their freedom for 'safety'. Any questioning of the narrative is ridiculed as conspiracy.
Covid is being used opportunistically by politicians and governments to seize power, but its the media who are making it possible.

As I stated twice mine is just a theory. But you must admit it is a remarkable coincidence

@MrBogus007 there is a push back by many doctors and health professionals against the narrative, but unsurprisingly virtually unreported. Another member on this site has posted a lot of good info (Parlamente).
Meanwhile, here's some food for thought:

@Tom81 Not many Drs at all. Only the odd weirdo and they would have to assess that person's medical capability.

@Hellooo there is various groups, internationally. The member Parlamente has loads of links and info on it, check out his posts.

@Hellooo How many exactly? Define not many? It seems to me that if you have just a few properly educated and trained Doctors that are raising some concerns and offering alternative points of view they are worth listening too, and considering what they have to say. Science is not a democratic process or system, the majority does not determine or support scientific conclusion or discovery. If that were the case then we'd still be stuck back at believing the earth is flat...


Even if you did prove it, some lefty would smack you in the face with a 'fact check' and you'd be a 'terrible racist' for spewing your lies. We've seen it before. Candace Owens filed a lawsuit against FBs Factchecker because her doctor gave an opinion, their fact checker gave a different opinion, and they said she was 'fact' checked. I'm not sure they understand what a 'fact' really is.

Yes and I truly quake in my boots over what the left threaten to do to me too. I have no assets or real savings so they can't sue me . I do not fear violence as I am very well trained and will happily use force to protect myself. The can smear my name and call me racist all they like I'm nobody I have no good name or reputation to protect and don't give much credence to other peoples opinion of me there is very little they can do to me at my age that I haven't already survived before.

@MrBogus007 Same here, and even if they do attack me with superior numbers, I have faith I'm going somewhere good. IDK if you do, just saying in my case, I believe they can't even harm me by killing me.

Medicine is neither left nor right. Medicine is factually based. It only operates in research data. It doesn't care what anyone feels. It's either proven to work or not ... and then scientists continue to research it until they're absolutely sure ours either right or wrong.
There is no Belief in medicine - belief is for religion. Medicine only runs in evidence.

@Hellooo what job do you do? Have you ever worked in health? I'm assuming you haven't, because that post is so naive...
You really think big pharma is altruistic and not corrupt at all?🤣
You really think academia isn't full of people trying to seek fame and funding?🤣
Everywhere there is a buck to be made (or power to be had) is prone to corruption.

@Hellooo Doctors practice medicine, do they not? That implies they are still learning. When one doctor says masks will not help prevent the spread and another doctor says they will and they both have research backing up their claims, then where is the 'fact'? Below is a 'fact' based study that found masks don't significantly reduce the spread. Doctors then make learned recommendations based on these studies: in other words, they give their opinions to wear or not wear a mask.

To wear or not to wear. That is the question.


@Tom81 I'll bet Helllooo is in the medical or science field because they understand exactly it works. Ever heard of peer reviewed research. Google it and educate yourself.

@Hellooo yes, educate yourself on Google. Because Google is never biased or would censor👍

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