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Liberal Amnesia: Democrats Forget They Promoted And Exhibited Violent Riots All Of 2020!

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RealAlexJones 8 Jan 13

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The woke left has always promoted unrest. They call occupying city blocks and burning down businesses “activists practicing democracy.” This week they practice “healing” by turning the Capitol fiasco into a race issue. How stupid of the right to embrace leftist violence.



Biden condemned the unrest during the summer multiple times.


"Peaceful protesters should be protected – but arsonists and anarchists should be prosecuted"

"Shooting in the streets of a great American city is unacceptable. I condemn this violence unequivocally. I condemn violence of every kind by anyone, whether on the left or the right."

When the insurrection was happening at the Capitol, Trump told them he loved them and they were special, while repeating his election lie.

Antifa isn't real... IT'S AN IDEA...

Did the riots start in May and did Biden say nothing until August?

”Peaceful protesters should be protected – but arsonists and anarchists should be prosecuted"
And yet nearly all of the few charges against arsonists and anarchists were dropped and Kamala led the effort to raise bail money for those offenders.


It is the plan to use while promoting a communist government, actually against Federal Law, with the constant distractions and interference. When they think people are that stupid it does show what they think of people. People that think everyone is stupid should not be in the government.


All of these things along with the "KUNG-FLU" were a means to an end!!!
The END THEY want is CONTROL!!!
Nothing else matters and THEY will accept nothing but TOTAL CONTROL!!!!!!!


How can they forget, that's very convenient.


Hiding behind Antifa, Biden’s excuses and ignorance make him an object of ridicule. A President that will stain the USA forever.

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