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In case we have forgotten.

Adnirb 3 Jan 14

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I think you have forgotten to edit the dot out.


The link doesn't work here in sunny Perth Western Australia.

I am new to this and do not think I posted my link correctly. The article may not mean much to you down under... It was an article about the protests in 2017 when Trump was sworn in by NBC. Today in America the news outlets are freaking out that when Biden gets sworn in that there will be protest... chances are there will be because protests are not new. But for some reason people are acting like they are.

@Adnirb there's a dot before nbcnews dot com. You try and edit it out.

YES, people are desperately scared of the US falling into Socialism. It's the unthinkable of unthinkables.

@Adnirb Perhaps the reason for the fear is that many Americans, last figures I seen, shows more than 40% of them don't trust the 2020 presidential election, which was again applied in the recent Senate run-offs. The coup is now complete?

@angelo "The coup is now compete?" I do not believe it was a true coup. If it was, it was the worse coup ever. I think it was a bunch of ticked off people and instigators creating a mob mentality. But really I have no idea what is happening. The capitols in all state are on guard. Some have brought in national guard troops to protect them. The house has a wrot iron fence around it now and tons of military troops and blockades on ever corner leading to the mall. I guess we will find out in time how everything will unfold.

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