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Over the past week, it has been an interesting roller-coaster ride, almost like a Tom Clancy novel. I have heard of many speculations, rumors, and reports regarding the events of the last few days.
The Capitol Police was misinformed as to the required security level. Normally the FBI would be on the ball with security risk assessment and advise local police ahead of time. I have a hard time believing in the incompetency of so many professionals on January 6th.
When the protesters surged the Capital Building, a stand down order was given to the police from an upper police official. I disagree with this order but understand that the police in the field had their hands tied and couldn’t stop them from entering the building. A few days later we find out that a police officer committed suicide. Also that was the police officer that gave the stand down order on the 6th. How convenient.
At first we were told that the protesters entering the Capitol Building were all Trump supports … wait, there were some Antifa and BLM activists … also, there were some Qanon radicals … and, there were Spec Ops forces on special missions. Hey, weren’t some of the tactics also used in the Hong Kong riots, so were there some Hong Kong rioters there, or was it some of the Antifa members that visited Hong Kong to study the riots. I believe it was a mixture of most of these groups and maybe some yet unknown entities. Unfortunately, there were some normal folks that got caught up in the herd mentality and joined the mob in storming the Capital.
During the storming of the Capital Building, many offices of the congressmen were raided and several things were stolen. The raiders of Nancy Pelosi’s office seem to be pursued very vigorously. It seems that her laptop has yet to be recovered. Makes one wonder if there is information on the laptop that can be used against her by the enforcement branch of government. So she might be motivated to remove the top of the enforcement branch of government and install Biden to grant her a pardon. Though Biden will also have fun when articles for his impeachment are filed on his first day of office.
By the way, did you hear that a military coup d'état has already started. That’s why the police was misinformed about the security risk; the police was told to stand down; Spec Ops groups were to infiltrate with the protesters, enter specific congressional offices (especially Nancy Pelosi’s) to steal laptops and other portable items that may contain evidence. Then the coup will lay low for a while, analyze the evidence obtained, observe the politicians that betray the current administration, and prepare for inauguration day when the betrayers will be placed under military arrest for a military trail. Then install Trump as president for the next 4(+?) years.
Starting to sound like a Clancy novel by the moment. Anyway, these speculations, rumors, and reports make for interesting fiction or maybe non.
On a sad note, I am disheartened by the lack of compassion by so many fellow Americans. Nowadays when ideological views do not conform with the herd mentality then many Americans are calling for the punishment of the heretics by removing their rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. It seems that the motto has become “My way or the highway to the concentration camp.” I just hope that our nation’s compassion is not beyond salvation but I won’t hold my breath.

Andron 4 Jan 14

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The civility of restraint - once the hallmark of America, has vanished without a trace. Until that is again a cherished value, the United States of America has ceased to exist, and we may never see it again.


We are in a "Tale of Two Cities." Fiction is not more strange.


You need to get out more. Wear a mask! Stay safe, keep your distance and wash your hands.

It won't be long before we all know that such admonishments are pure ignorance.

@TimTuolomne #wibble


Quite a reasonable hypothesis, that the Capitol Tea Party was an ingenious cover for a heist.

Live by the leak, die by the leak. Democrats embrace leaks, even illegal ones
that threaten national security. Comey, the FBI director, leaked to
the New York Times. They lied to the FISA court to spy on the Trump
campaign. Therefore Pelosi's laptop is fair game. Leak it! Democrats resist FOIA requests.
Call it a FOIA request.

Pelosi should be charged with a national security foul for allowing her laptop
to get filched. A true American soldier would have defended the laptop with her life.
Charge Pelosi with war cowardice.

Since Democrats invoked the 25th amendment, make it bite them in the ass.
Invoke the 25th amendment on Biden every day.
Most Democrat attacks bounce off the hypocrisy mirror.

After the Capitol Tea Party, Democrats crybullied. They claimed that the party
was a violent red card nuclear escalation insurrection, and they used this to
justify attacks on Republicans of far greater magnitude. Call them out on the
crybullying. The issue is not the Capitol Tea Party. The issue is the Democrat
crybullying escalation.

Democrats are on record for inciting violence, therefore they do not possess the moral high ground
and their criticism of the Capitol Tea Party carries no weight. Every time anyone criticizes the party,
swiftly rattle off a list of Democrat fouls.

There is a Clancy novel called "Executive Orders", where a foreign power attacked America
with ebola, and the president had to make hard decisions about the level of lockdown.
Baffling that this book isn't more often invoked. It also contains a detailed description
of how the Secret Service works.

Paraphrasing Gingrich: If the events of 2015-2020 were written up into a novel and
submitted to a publisher in 2014, the novel would have been rejected as unrealistic.

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