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Alarming of US health care workers are refusing COVID-19 vaccine
Kenneth GargerJanuary 1, 2021 | 10:36pm | Updated
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Alarming of US health care workers are refusing COVID-19 vaccine
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Letters to the editor — Jan. , 2021
US health care workers are first in line to receive the COVID-19 vaccine — but an alarming across the country are refusing to do so.

Earlier this week, Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine disclosed that about 60 percent of the nursing home workers in his state have so far chosen not to get vaccinated.

More than half of New York City’s EMS workers have shown skepticism, The Post reported last month.

And now California and Texas are experiencing a of health care worker refusals, according to reports.

An estimated 50 percent of front-line workers in Riverside County in the Golden State opted against the drug, the Los Angeles Times reported, citing public health officials.

More than half of the hospital workers at California’s St. Elizabeth Community Hospital who were eligible to receive the vaccine did not, the newspaper.

And in the Lone Star State, a doctor at Houston Memorial Medical Center told NPR earlier this month that half the nurses in the facility would not get the vaccine, citing political reasons.

The excuse shared the Texas nurses was echoed in a recent Kaiser Family Foundation survey that found 29 percent of health workers were “vaccine hesitant,” the Times reported.


Majority of Ohio nursing home workers not taking COVID-19 vaccine
Survey respondents leaning against taking the vaccine said, among other reasons, that they were concerned how politics influenced the development of the vaccine, the newspaper reported.

A nurse at a California hospital, who chose to not take the vaccine because she is pregnant, said her co-workers who chose the same path as she believe they don’t need the vaccine to make it through the pandemic.

“I feel people think, ‘I can still make it until this ends without getting the vaccine,’” April Lu, a 31-year-old nurse at Providence Holy Cross Medical Center, told the Times.

A percentage of vaccine refusal among not just health care workers, but the general population, could be problematic, Harvard epidemiologist Marc Lipsitch told the newspaper.

“Our ability as a society to get back to a higher level of functioning depends on having as many people protected as possible,” said Lipsitch.

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Health care workers are likely more aware of problems experienced by the vaccine victims than the lame stream media is willing to report. mRNA technology research has been around for decades but has it ever been successful on animals? How many years have influenza vaccines been available & what are the efficacy records?

We have had some version of a flu vaccine for several decades now, and still suffer from 20,000 to 116,000 deaths every year attributed to flu complications. Will the same number of alleged COVID deaths remain a cause for lockdown, when we never did for the flu? And a recent FDA disapproval of an alzheimers vaccine was because it had a rate of effectiveness the same as the new COVID-19 vaccine. So not only is a COVID vaccine the first time it has ever been tried, it is a new type of vaccine using RNA, which has never been tried in ANY vaccine, and which may have entirely unanticipated consequences, and it already has a safety rate in very brief trials less than other vaccines NOT approved by the FDA.


I don't see a need, but I'm still looking.

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