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#Impeach #KamalaHarris!

“Does a Politician Raising Bail for Rioters Encourage More Rioting?” – GOP Senators Question Democrat Impeachment Leader Over Kamala Harris’s Rioters Bail Fund

During the left wing riots of last spring and summer, Kamala Harris promoted a bail fund to get people who were arrested in the riots bailed out of jail.


w0tn0t 7 Feb 13

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  1. Unfortunately, today's acquittal proves that even if she is impeached, she will never be convicted. The bar for conviction was set so high today that unless one specifically call for violence or directly promotes that violence, any indirect or implicit support will not rise to the level of conviction.

So the fact that she put money into a general fund and then that fund was used to bail him out will never convict her for her indirect actions and, given house control, will never impeach her.

After today, any hopes of impeaching and convincing democrats just much more difficult...

As it should be. Unless you call for violence you should not be held accountable to what others do.


Actually, I think the whole concept of "bail" is unfair. Why should only rich people deserve bail? Promoting a fund to help poor people make bail? I see nothing wrong with that.


Great question - more interested in the response!


Bu ... bu ... BUTTT ... She’s BLACK!!!
Errr ... No ... No she ISN’T

She’s simply “Colored” (aka Asian Indian)
Not to mention an Asswipe.


"Does a Politician Raising Bail for Rioters Encourage More Rioting?"

Ooh, then you probably have some bad things to say about Trump...

"If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them...just knock the hell — I promise you, I'll pay the legal fees." - Trump

So preventing a criminal act is now criminal because of who you might be protecting? Further, preventing a criminal act with force is equivalent to supporting a crime after the fact and then ensuring said criminals are quickly released to commit more crimes. ...I don't think so, but you keep swinging, eventually you'll get a hit.
Technically, when this referenced event occurred, President Trump was NOT a sitting politician, so you are comparing apples to oranges in this case...I'm sure you can do better than that.


Dems advocate violence

Normally you'd say it was compelling evidence of confession by projection, if nothing else, but given recent history we know the outcome isn't necessarily determined on its merits.

Stop the hypocrisy


If she were to change political parties, then it would be an issue. Come on man!


Just more evidence that a liberal world is a dysfunctional world.


But in the USA since before the Obongo administration, there's one law for Democrats another for everyone else!

Sad but very true!


Once upon a time, witches were burned at the stake. Now I understand why.


When a Senator agrees with and promotes civil unrest that leads to property destruction and bodily injury and assist in support of assailant in Judicial System the Senator may be going against Congressional Regulations and should be investigated by the Congressional Ethics Committee.


I second that, she shouldn't be able to be the VP.

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