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SHIPS OF TROY Anthony J Hilder
THE SHIPS OF TROY From the INTERNET, Anthony J. Hilder, 3/97, [quoting:] War has been declared upon the United States of America. The People’s Republic of China, with the largest standing army in the world, threatened to “blow up” Los Angeles and every living thing in or near it with a hydrogen bomb. But that was only a joke. Right? Wrong! Think carefully! They don’t make idle threats! lgb shipyard The threat of atomic war is not a laughing matter. With today’s sophisticated nuclear weapons any ship invited into the ports of Long Beach, San Francisco or San Diego could easily drop off a submergible neutron bomb into the bay which could be triggered to explode at a future date. But do the Chinese Communists wish to Americans? They did once before. Remember Korea? There is absolutely no question that “China identifies us as the enemy...and it’s time we recognize it,” according to Ross Monro, co-author of the Coming Conflict With China. And there’s no question that Clinton recognizes this reality. Why else would he “invite” our avowed enemy’s navy into Pearl Harbor and then to San Diego, if not to “check things out” for future military activities. One can guess what those might be. Not only that, he had the audacity to honor the NEW HITLERS. US taxpayers for the party. But then it does make sense when you think about it. Clinton is so far left he makes Fidel Castro look like a member of the John Birch Society. 73 It’s ironic that Clinton would invite the enemy’s navy to Pearl Harbor and then on to San Diego. Fifty-six years ago, President Roosevelt, Clinton’s mad-minded mentor, “invited” the enemy’s navy to attack our fleet at Pearl Harbor. To facilitate the “surprise attack”, he moved the entire fleet from San Diego to Pearl Harbor so that the target would be tempting. The Japanese “PURPLE CODE” which disclosed the attack plans had been broken U.S. intelligence months before December 7th. There is absolutely no question Roosevelt had “full knowledge” that Admiral Yamamoto was on his way with a flotilla of warships to mass-murder our men in the military. Not only did FDR not try to stop it, he encouraged it in order to draw us into World War II. It was an act of TREASON unparalleled in U.S. history until now. Roosevelt deliberately withheld news of the impending Japanese attack from Adm. Kimmel and Gen. Short. The “crippled demigod” sentenced 2,500 of America’s finest to die in the waters of Pearl Harbor. His reason, to usher in the New World Order. Adm. Kimmel and Gen. Short took the blame for the fiery fiasco while Roosevelt was heralded as a hero. And so it was! And so it is! Wars, like bridges, are engineered. It’s more than just a coincidence that Comrade Clinton, whose wife, “Hitlery”, still talks to Eleanor, (her deceased mentor), in the White House, invited the Communist Chinese Navy to “visit” Pearl Harbor before moving on to San Diego. The well publicized media event drew some 25,000 spectators who lined up to board the Bloody Beijing Butchers’ Boat as if it was the good ship Lollipop, which just came in with the morning tide. It’s as if they had E tickets to the rides at Disneyland. The “numbos and dumbos” most of whom waited in line for hours didn’t have a clue as to the significance of the -out. But then it’s like H.L. Menken once said, “One can never underestimate the intelligence of the American public.” press headline San Diego Tribune’s headlines for Saturday March 22 read “Chinese Navy Welcomed Enthusiastic Crowds at North Island Naval Air Station”. Just above the cover picture which featured Vice Admiral Wang Wyongguo, Commander of the South China Sea Fleet was an article entitled “Containers Linked to Arms Case Found”. This Tribune article told of a shipment of “grenade launchers” and M1 rifles that were discovered the week before along the Mexican Border. The cache of arms was intended for use Communist Revolutionaries who are lined up along America’s soft belly. Those massive arm shipments are coming into the United States way of Long Beach, (the Beijing beachhead) which has been established some 90 miles to the north of the naval base in San Diego. Clinton, commander in THIEF of the United States military, put the arm on the navy to evict the United States Marine Corps Reserves from the navy station in 1995. Clinton, the Long Beach City Council, and the Harbor Commission, cleared the way for the Communists and “spit in the face” of the Corps, in order to accommodate COSCO. But then what can you expect from a draft-dodging, pot-smoking, coke-snorting coward who went to the Soviet Union to demonstrate against our United States armed forces fighting for freedom in Vietnam? Compared to Comrade 74 Clinton, even Jane Fonda appears patriotic. The Marine Reserve Battalion made homeless the 1994 Northridge “engineered” earthquake took up residence on a manmade peninsula on the base called the mole. The Long Beach Harbor Commission has been charged with TREASON. Their complicity “IN THE DEALS FOR ” with Clinton and the Communists have given cause for a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. The bloody Beijing bucks have been traced to the White House and to the Democratic National Committee. I was just one in the angry crowd of nearly 800 who challenged the Harbor Commission on March . I faced the Harbor Commission demanding the recall of Mayor Beverly O’Neill, the entire city council (which to no surprise, includes H. Delano Roosevelt, FDR’s grandson) and the removal of those who sat before me impervious to the crowd. The atmosphere was “heated and hostile” as Commissioner John Hancock rocked back and forth in his chair with a smile covering his deeprooted worries. The audience suspected that more than one of the arrogant hirelings of the “grizzly global government ” had taken “big bucks” for this blatant betrayal. A week later, the commission voted to go ahead with their plans to turn over a substantial part of Long Beach’s harbor to the Reds—in spite of the overwhelming objections from the angered audience. COSCO (the communist Chinese Ocean Shipping Company) now has access to the largest port facility on the West Coast of America. Adding insult to the injury, the Commissioners voted to give their communist collaborators $2,000,000 of the taxpayers to “aid and abet our arch enemy” in making the highly advantageous “military move”. What nation questing for world dominance wouldn’t want their “Ships of Troy” moored in their enemy’s harbor? Customs checking as few as one in 60 Communist Containers gives China’s Marxist Military “unlimited opportunities” to bring in chemical, nuclear and/or biological weaponry for use against the American people. Rail transportation at the “-out site” gives the Communists direct access to every major city in the United States. With the completion of this warfare web, they have access to every crime-ridden community in urban America. This gives them the opportunity to further expand small arms shipments to the inner city ghettos where drugs and crime are already rampant, and 70% of young black men to 25 are either in jail, just getting out of jail or ready to go into jail to serve as a future slave labor base for the New World Order. One COSCO container recently discovered in Oakland, California, and headed for revolutionary street gangs held 2,000 Communist Chinese fully-automatic AK-47 machine guns. One can only guess as to how many other arm shipments have gotten through undetected. At the San Diego Naval Base, I confronted Commander Steve Burnett, their public affairs officer with a series of stinging questions concerning the sanity of their salute to the nation that has mass murdered nearly 200 million people and now imprisons over 200 million Chinese who are used for slave labor and body parts. Commander Burnett defended the President’s tribute to these tyrants. In fact, he defended all of the presidents’ poisonous political policies. But then what can you expect 75 from a public relations officer who gets his serving as a “mouth piece” for the murdering Maoist Marxists whom he entertained at the naval facility. It was quite a party. Commander Steve Burnett’s Commander-in-Chief is a pot-smoking, draft-dodging, coke-snorting coward who left the United States to cavort with Communist killers in the Kremlin when our menin-uniform were fighting and dying for their country in Vietnam. When I posed the question to Commander Burnett as to whether or not the Communist killers (who were docked at the San Diego Naval Base) were sincere or whether they came here to “con our countrymen” as did the army that delivered the of Troy, he became quietly indignant. He resented that I even raised such a question. It’s sad to see that incompetents are rewarded with positions of authority in the military. Today mindless, spineless robotons are now taught to rattle off ridiculous rhetoric in the “New Navy”. I feel extremely uncomfortable with someone like Commander Burnett holding down any job beyond boxing groceries at Ralph’s or serving up an ice cream at Dairy Queen. Have we forgotten that China has the largest standing Army in the world? It’s murdering Marxist military numbers 200 million or more. Since 1989, they have tripled their WEAPONS OF WAR. Lest we forget, the Communist Chinese joined the North Korean Communists in June of 1950 to invade the free people of South Korea. They brutally murdered our men In the military. Have we forgotten China still holds captive the nation of Tibet and that they mass murdered onemillion-one-hundred-thousand people in the Himalayas when they placed the yoke of CommuNazism around the neck of those once free and independent people? Comrade Clinton and his cashist cohorts ignore the Communist atrocities and inhumanities to man as if they hadn’t occurred. Yet, the crimes of the Nazis pale comparison. Certainly they have out-Hitlered Hitler at the height of his hysteria. Adding still further insult to injury, Clinton has given the Butchers of Beijing “Most favored Nation Status”. This the American taxpayer $80 billion plus interest and over 4-million American jobs. Ol’ Bolshevik Bill’s “trade and traitor” policy is beyond absurdity—It’s insane! Big business is in bed with Big Brotherment which is in bed with the Beijing Butchers. It’s a treasonous troika in a murderous menage a trois. Several things are happening “concurrently” that bear close scrutiny. First, the President has been pushing “LEFTISLATION” to “TOTALLY DISARM” the American citizen and destroy our capacity to defend ourselves from internal insurrection and a gestapoized government that is marching in goose-step toward a New World Order. At the same time, on February 2, 1996, Comrade Clinton lifted a ban on an arms embargo and issued import permits allowing the Communist Chinese to deliver 100,000 weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition via CHINA JIANG AN, a gun running company. One thing is absolutely certain about that deal—the armaments were not headed for American patriots in order to protect our country from invaders. The “WEAPONS OF WAR” were produced Norinco and Poly Technologies. Four days after “the approval”, Comrade Clinton met with Wang Jun, chairman of Poly technologies. Wang Jun 76 was introduced to the “pink president” Charlie Trie, a Little Rock restaurant owner who came up with a of $644,000 for the Clinton legal defense . Trie also raised hundreds of thousands of for the Democratic National Committee. Another prominent political player in the Clinton court of Communist games is Lu Yi Lun, a V.P. of Norinco. Lu, now a fugitive on the run, worked to get Clinton’s approval on the arms deal. He is named as a central figure in an indictment issued in San Francisco. Lu is linked to the COSCO “arms for urban guerrillas” operation out of Oakland, California where the 2,000 Communist AK-47s were discovered. Clinton is linked to LU. And Lu worked with Wang Jun at Norinco. It’s getting smelly isn’t it? The New World Odor has a specific stench about it. It’s the smell of death and treason. Still another gun runner for the Communist Chinese, John Huang, was given a Top Secret G1S clearance Clinton and the late Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown. Ron Brown, who set up the Communist Viet-nazis “Treasonous Trade Deal”, was “smoked” after indictments came down against him and he foolishly vowed “not to go down alone”. He kept his promise as a whole plane load went down with him. Huang was given presidential approval to anything from advanced guidance systems to missiles and even essential -tech stealth aircraft. Keep in mind that China has furnished guns and ammunition to Iran, Iraq, North Korea, the Cambodian Khmer Rouge, Peru’s Shining Path, who now occupy the Japanese Embassy in Lima, and other terrorists around the world who are actively engaged in HITLERIAN TECHNO-TERRORISM. We know for certain that Clinton is a life-long supporter of Communist causes in this country and in the Soviet Union, and the of witnesses to this wholesale -out of our sovereignty in excess of 400 political players. While all this treachery has been coming down, Clinton has coughed up $8 million to build five more Communist container ships in Mobile, Alabama, for COSCO. Monies for this “madness” is taken from the salaries of who are serving up Big Macs, soda and fries, and from the poor people who can’t anything better in this bankrupt economy. officials spading dirt These “DEATH FOR DEALS” put tens of thousands of Americans out of work and into the army of the unemployed. But it gets worse...much worse! On the East Coast in Charlotte, North Carolina, Comrade Clinton is setting up an international “TRADE AND TREASON zone”. And in Adelanto, California, near George Air Force Base, Clinton has arranged for his comrades, the Chinese Communists, to build a 1-million square foot facility to accommodate the slave labor products that come through the Port of Long Beach. Kenneth Starr, the so-called “independent counsel”, who’s supposed to be investigating the CRIMES and CONNECTIONS of CLINTON, is linked to China International Trust and Investment Corp (CITIC). CITIC is closely linked to none other than Wang Jun, Chairman of Poly Technologies, the Communist arms dealer and major contributor to Clinton. STARR IS DOING A STALL. And then there’s Johnny Chung, the much publicized Chinese-American entrepreneur with “Connections” to Clinton and the Communists. Johnny “donated” $366,000 to the Democratic National Committee to “compensate” Clinton for cutting the “deals”. Where does Hong Kong fit into all this? They’re being delivered up to the Communists on July 1st. Could it be that Hong Kongese “traitors” are shifting their “free trade” to the Port of Long Beach, where Carmen Perez, former Vice Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, is now Vice President of the Long Beach Bund. Treason is on the fast track and Clinton with close connections to Long Beach Mayor Beverly O’Neill is pushing the pedal to the metal for the MURDERING MAOIST MARXISTS. Two more huge containers loaded with illegal arms that were destined for Communist revolutionaries in Mexico were found along the border in a warehouse at the Otay Mesa. The San Diego Union Tribune said that the container holding grenade launchers and M1 carbines came from the Port of Long Beach. Just who are COSCO’s overseas Senior Advisors? General Alexander Haig Jr., former United States Secretary of State—from David Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations and John F. McGillicuddy, Former CEO of the Chemical Bank of the United States. Both of these pro-Red negotiators for the Communist cartel follow the political policies of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). David Rockefeller (the CFR chairman) boasted of the Beijing Butcher’s Hitlerian experiment, which resulted in the MASS MURDER of 66,400,00 people between 1949 and 1970. He stated in 1973, that “the social experiment in China under Chairmen Mao’s leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history.” The London Sunday Times on November 10, 1996, reported that Clinton’s raising “appears to have been a stunning intelligence coup China.” Chinese agents took “advantage of lax security procedures and a of corruption in the Clinton Administration” to gain advanced knowledge of American negotiating positions in trade and economic talks, as well as access trade deals subsidized America. Clinton, Gore and Gingrich (all CFR members) “have been sucking it up” with the Communists to promote Sino-American “relations” as have their collaborators on the Long Beach Harbor Commission. Maybe the attraction at those plush palatial dinners are the aborted babies that the Chinese dignitaries are dinning on. When Dr. Zou Qin was asked why the Chinese Communists are eating the unborn children, she replied, “They are wasted if we don’t eat them.” She went on to state, “I wash them with clear water until they look transparent white and then stew them.” In China the big [baby] boys are considered a delicacy. Maybe the CFR crowd will be importing the fetuses for “future feasts” at the White House [emphasis mine]. [He is NOT joking.] It may be difficult for Joe and Jane Six-pack to understand the depth of our betrayal. As children, most of us over the age of 40, were taught to believe in truth, justice and the American way. It’s difficult to believe that this nation has fallen so far so fast and that the betrayal has been engineered 78 by both political parties in the Capital of this country. Try this on for size, sports fans. I traveled to San Diego to see what the Navy’s “welcome mat” had in store for the Communist Chinese, who had received the “Clinton invitation”. I stood in front of a gray destroyer harbored at the U.S. Naval Base flying the red flag of Communist China. So, I assumed, without careful inventory, it was one of theirs. I was in error. Later that day, I discovered that it was the U.S.S. John Paul Jones flying the flag of the RED CHINESE. Admiral Jones would be spinning in his grave at the act of treason committed on the ship that bears his name. For those who still seek liberty and sovereignty and still have the guts to duke it out, one need only recall Admiral John Paul Jones’ battle cry while surrounded and under heavy enemy fire: “I have not yet begun to fight.” Let’s review the facts and connect the dots so that you can clearly picture the problem: (1) China has the largest standing army in the world at 200-million or more; (2) Since 1989, China has tripled military expenditures; (3) China has never renounced their goal of obtaining a gargantuan global government under full-blown Communism; (4) China didn’t accidentally fall to Communism, but was pushed into Communism “by the CFR cashious cartel” during and after the Second World War; (5) China’s killer corps joined with the North Korean Communists in the invasion of the Republic of Korea where they ruthlessly slaughtered our men in the field and took American prisoners who were never returned to their families and friends; (6) China invaded and still occupies Tibet, where one-million-one-hundred-thousand were mass murdered; (7) Clinton (CFR) and his predecessor George Bush (CFR), who was once Ambassador to Communist China and head of the CIA, have given the Chinese “Most Favored Nation” trade status, which has resulted in a $40- billion trade deficit in 1996; (8) the trade deficit with the Communist Chinese over the past decade translates into the loss of over 8-million American jobs; (9) the Communist government operates over 7,678 “death camps” with 23-million incarcerated for slave labor...and our figures are outdated; (10) it’s reported in underground circles that as many as 25% of the inmates (5,750,000) die annually in the death camps; () Christians are incarcerated and tortured for their belief in Christ; () those lucky enough to be employed the state average cents an hour, thus making it impossible without strict trade sanctions for American workers to compete with slave labor; () the Reagan/Bush administration gave the Communist Chinese leaders .5-billion taken “force” from American taxpayers, so the Chinese could update their conventional and nuclear military hardware; () The Chinese government harvests human organs from their healthy young men, women and children, for in the Western and European markets; () China’s cannibalistic government has taken to unborn babies for health food. Fetuses are considered a delicacy. If the Communist Chinese take over America, it will not be because they have INVADED, but because they have been INVITED the President and the political pimps and prostitutes along the Potomac. Just putting some of the pieces together in this global “political jigsaw puzzle”, you begin to see a very frightening picture. But wait until you see the completed picture! It looks like hell on Earth. I am now calling for impeachment of the President of the United States for TREASON, for crimes committed against this country and all citizens of the Free World. Join me. Those who seek to join us in the impeachment process should contact Congressman Barr from Georgia. Barr has initiated the impeachment drive. His FAX is (404) 528-9555. We further 79 urge you to aid in the recall of the Mayor of “Tong” Beach, Beverly O’Neill, and the Long Beach City Council. We further encourage you to boycott the city and all businesses that sponsor the Long Beach Grand Prix, until the Harbor Commission and the Chamber of Commerce are removed. We are also calling for a criminal investigation in these blatant acts of treason. For further information, I highly recommend you acquire DATASOURCE’S Ship of Troy political package, which includes over 0 pages of documentation. The price for the package is $.00 post-. Their is: DATASOURCE, P.O. Bar 37, Alpine, CA 91903. The phone is: (619)-445-3351. FAX is (619) 445-5847. Those deeply concerned about the acts of treason being committed this administration should order our latest video tape concerning the crimes of Clinton and the ever-growing body count entitled NONE DARE CALL IT MURDER. This includes interviews with Christopher Ruddy, James Norman, former Senior Editor of Forbes Magazine, Terry Reed, who personally witnessed cocaine coming into the US for Clinton and company and the shocking revelations of Deborah Von Trapp, concerning the Vince Foster murder and the Oklahoma bombing. It is narrated Anthony J. Hilder, and is available through Amerinet for $24.95 post-. Their phone is (800)-482- 5560. The two congressmen most actively involved in scuttling the Clinton plan to establish a Communist “Long Beach Head” in California are Rep. Duncan Hunter, phone: (619) 579-1 and Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham (R-CA), phone: (619)-737-8438. They need your support. Please give it. [End quoting

ajhilder 7 Feb 17

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Love the drawing and it's right on the money—if you'll pardon the expression.
Wonder why that Chinese trio have undergone blepharoplasty :0)


The real power in this meme is that it explains the reality while making us chuckle. Fact: Trudeau has invited People's Liberation Army soldiers to "train" in Canada. Fact: Buy-den has opened American businesses to purchase by PLA operated companies. Fact: Mao first declared war on the United States, along with the rest of the world's democratic governed nations, in 1949 and there has never been an armistice. Fact: It is the stated goal of the CCP to dominate the entire world, subjugating the "lesser races" to the rule of the Han. If there is not a parallel between this and the appeasement programs of Nevil Chamberlain, I don't understand anything about history.

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