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Liberal creations always fails

lnosbourne 6 Feb 21

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That is probably salt brine to melt the ice. The helicopter is burning the jet fuel.

Ummm ... no it is a poly glycol ... sort of the stuff found in antifreeze.
Brine is a very limited application product and this is definitely not one of those applications ...
Not to mention the residue left from brine would create much longer duration problems.


Not to mention the spray being used is itself a Petro Chemical ...

Not to mention the ACTUAL Reason for Texas’ Problem is BIDEN’S New Federal GREEN REGULATIONS which PREVENTED Texas from “Spinning Up” Traditional Alternative Power Generators.

Those of you looking for a “source” check around ... there’s photos of the Actual Documentation.

Good to know

If there is "source" info on this, why haven't you posted it?

Because I find simply “feeding” children pablum means they don’t figure out how to Help Themselves.

I pointed it out for you.
I advised you that its real.

If YOU Actually Give A Damn You’ll find it FOR YOURSELF

Do you still get your Mommy to Tie Your Sneakers too?


Fine off shore.
They can create a boom in isolated coastal areas.
Also by restricting the size of vessels that can fish in the areas they "Can" help Local Fishing Communities build a sustainable fishing industry.


Yet wind turbines run in areas of the world with year-round subzero temperatures. Never a problem there...

The problem was Texas deregulation and corporate greed. 80% of Texas uses natural gas, coal, and nuclear energy, all of which also froze during the storm.


Is this genuine ?

It's so good / bad ... that it has got to be fake !

(Please be true ... But it's as good as a photo of Trump outside the Capital building throwing a petrol bomb dressed in Clan outfit.)

Is this real ?


We could have these wind driven generators run blade heaters for themselves...but, then they would not necessarily generate as much excess power...but then again it would be better than none at all.
HOWEVER, the best idea! Build more natural gas powered power plants and stop worrying about this BS!


Liberalism and all its inventions are creations from a revolving logic. Nothing gets resolved like a dog trying to sniff it’s own bum!

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