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🀑 Clown World: Viral Hip-Hop Music Video Mocks Political Correctness & Cancel Culture


RealAlexJones 8 Feb 26

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"wow i normally hate rap but i like this white rapper who says stuff that's entirely made to pander to me!"



Tom MacDonald is a gem. I came across his video called Buttholes on Facebook, took the dive, and have been following him ever since. He isn’t afraid to touch on any subject and does so with style. I am not a rap/hip hop fan by any means but Tom is unique, much respect to him and his girl Nova, a power couple in the making.


I’m waiting to hear this stuff pop up on regular radio.
Not my type of music because the message in this type of music usually is despicable but ...
This is a message I can get behind.

Its time for other genres to pick up this type of messaging ...


Liked it and I normally hate rap.... but it did go a bit fast in places to be intelligible and its needs a few listens to, to pick up all the issues he brings up.
2 thumbs up though.



That was great! 😁

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