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When ratings fall, it's back to their roots. In the wake of struggling ratings, which saw FOX finish in third place for the first time in 20 years, they revamped their daytime lineup and expanded its right-wing opinion programming, adding new conservative opinion shows at 7 p.m. and 11 p.m. The network has also pushed its so-called “hard news” programs to focus more of its coverage on its primetime opinion hosts’ commentary and conservative culture-war topics of the day.


TyKC 7 Mar 3

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I don't watch tv news, but was under an impression that ratings fell when fox news prematurely called election and fired a few people who declined to bury the irregularities being brought up all over alternative outlets? And fell further when it went all in with the"insurrection" hoax?

I don't think it is that recent. After the Roger Ailes fiasco, the network lost a lot of its stars. Megyn Kelly left and Bill O'Reilly was fired. Glenn Beck left to start The Blaze. The remaining cast does not carry the same popularity. Fox tired moving to the left to become more fact based. It hasn't worked for them. People seem more interested in controversial political topics than traditional news. Rachel Maddow has the highest ratings on cable news now, so the other networks have caught up. We will see if FOX can regain its popularity.


Love the So called journalists who are outraged!
Seems lying is a prerequisite for your profession these days, so not sure what they are crying about!

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