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Has "social justice"/political correctness become a religion?

Naomimi 7 Feb 15

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I'm not sure about a religion, but it certainly is acting like a disease. If you say something that is unacceptable you are shamed and criticised for saying it, thus making you think twice about saying something, and then you too start shaming people for saying something not PC. I believe this is how it spreads. It's just virtue signalling and trying to prove how tolerant and nice you are regardless of the facts.


Definitely a harsh religion. There is no room for error at all. You will be condemned if you stray by expressing any understanding toward your opponent. I can't see any true relationships in Leftism, they are too busy judging each other or so focused on their own righteous anger that they don't notice anyone else.


Religion is philosophy plus dogma (to say nothing of whether it's Good philosophy!). So yes.


They arent religious, theyre spiritual! Lol


"Social Justice" means anti-white.

People will argue that but it sure ends up being that way alot by the end of a conversation.


It is a religion without, forgiveness of sins, without salvation, with redemption, it offers only "selt-righteousness " for their own priesthood and condemnation for all non-believers.

That’s a very good point.




I see these as the "works or sacraments" of the religion of Leftism. The more correct your speech, or the angrier your protest, the better you are as a disciple.


I can think of three elements shared between the social justice movements and religion:

-The “social justice” ideology (as interpreted by the movement leaders) upheld as God, non-touchable, non-questionable—who dares to challenge the idea of justice? And slowly, I think the leaders themselves will become God. Think the “Party Leader” in 1984 and Mao in China. I was educated to worship our communist party as God and love the Party more than everything else.
-The fear of coming out as a non-believer of this ideology.
-The idea of people having the “original sin” for being white.


SJW's are the liberal version of the Westboro Baptist Church.

That's one hell of a way to put it.


Their followers behave in the same way.Same lack of critical.thinking,outing heretics, dogma etc


Not sure if I would go that far but they do have the whole dogma thing down LOL.


No, because words have meanings and religions require gods, but there are surely many similar negative attributes.

They worship the god of Social Justice, despite having no idea what that really means.. just like all other gods. #igtheism


Yes , I think it has become a Religion. Not in any Theological sense, they have no logic in many ways. So can not even attempt to explain why we are here as Theologians do.
But it resembles a blind faith , found more often than not in Cult like Religion.
I can see that.


I would say it is becoming similar in the same way Christopher Hitchens (RIP) would liken all totalitarianism to religious fanaticism


It has become like a religion in so far as SJWs spend all their time looking for heretics and their heresies rather than opening their eyes to greater truths


Most definitely.


People like John McWhorter and Coleman Hughes has expanded on the idea that anti-racism has become like a religion. They make a good case.

I would say most of SJW stuff is more about gaining social prestige on the Internet. The Internet has some weird cultural things.

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