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I see weight lifting on the "sports" choices on the profile options. I DONT see calisthenics which is pretty messed up. Please add a calistenics option.

ReallyGoodOptics 6 Feb 17

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"Fitness" is in the list. Nice and general.


I vote against a calisthenics option. There’s such a thing as competitive weight lifting but who’s ever heard of competitive calisthenics?
Standards are important

Jai halai isnt on there either 😟

@ReallyGoodOptics I love Jai Halai! No curling either, considering I was born in Ontario I really wish they'd add it.

@SonOfPetersson there are a myriad of ice based sports that are missing


More options will probably be added in time.


How about "exercise" ... Have to avoid too many irons.


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