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DOJ Official: Evidence to Charge Sedition in Storming of Capitol, both of participants AND Trump

toronto_Georgia 8 Mar 22

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Won't prosper.


Well cameras don't lie

This insurrection more resembled a school outing gone bad. Most were too busy taking selfies and just reveling in being where they shouldn't be. Bunch of yahoos for the most part. There were some serious players there bringing in the violence, however the vast majority looked more like the "dumb bad kids" at school.

@toronto_Georgia agreed totally unorganised on both sides

@Poncho69 The disorganization on the part of Capital police was intentional on the part of Pelosi. Great way to paint all Trump supporters dangerous.

@toronto_Georgia incompetent or incapable. Either way bad

@Poncho69 No, they were not permitted increased officers that day even though intelligence knew this would happen, and they were denied assistance when it was in play. They (the Dems) wanted this to happen because then all Trump supporters could be demonized. This was intentional because they knew and made certain they were undermanned.

@toronto_Georgia we are all being played like pawns

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