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Can you give examples of institutional/systemic racism (currently, not historically)? The mainstream media can’t seem to last a day without mentioning it. As a minority woman (I hate identity politics but want to stress here I’m not white male), I don’t see it. I can only list two examples of institutional racism that are actually against whites: 1) white students (along with Asian students) have to have much higher SAT scores than other students to be admitted to the same college; 2) at Evergreen College in Washington State, there is a non-whites day (which led to Bret Weinstein’s protest and resignation a few years ago). What are your thoughts on this?

Naomimi 7 Feb 17

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Whites are the most oppressed race in the US, Europe and Africa today.


There are also liquor laws on Indian reservations. It is still against the law for Native Americans to imbibe in their own homes if they reside on an Federal reservation. No other race has this restriction.
Nobody much cares about this but it's the only other example I can think of and I've been looking for awhile.

Thanks, I didn’t know about this one.

There may be laws on the books, but reservations are policed by the local community. I would agree reservations are in poor shape and do have these laws, but I doubt they are actually being enforced. I would be interested to see the arrest and conviction rate over the past 10-20 years concerning these laws. From that perspective - I would say no, but I don't live on a reservation, and am ignorant about much of their day to day lives. I am also sure different reservations across the country are doing better/worse than others.


I guess I'm not seeing it in my world. I work in emergency medicine. We get every race in our ER. If anything, I would say I go out of my way to help minorities for sure. Not that I don't make time for white people, but I truly feel black people have been shat upon by white liberals. I truly believe the "bell curve" has a lot to do with the "dumbing down" of the black race by liberals wanting votes. So, I try to educate these people as much as possible to I guess try and counteract that victim identity pushed upon them by socialist, rich white people. Is that racist? Maybe. I dunno. I wanna see everyone succeed ????

Yes I’ve woke up to realize the leftists are the real racists. But to wake up more people, we need more black voices like Candace Owens and Larry Elder.


Hhmm... I cannot think of any such examples...

Probably because there isn’t any. On a personal level, there will always be a small portion of poeple who are racists, just like there will always be thieves and murders in the sociaty. It’s not something we can completely eradicate. But to say racism is still plaguing American society is just bullshit. If there are any policies that are against “people of color”, NYT would have reported a long time ago—but almost every single day, nyt writes a story claiming it’s racism to stir things up. When you ask a leftist where do you see racism, they say it’s everywhere but fail to give examples.


You can still find things that I would consider institutionalized oppression that disproportionately affects minorities... for example in left controlled cities public housing = loss of second amendment rights. Abortion rates. Incetivising fatherless households as it relates to welfare. Next, and by far the biggest smoking gun for me, was the secret interrogation rooms in chicago and the recomendations of the justice department when they were found guilty. I feel democrat policies as a whole create a loss of liberty and opportunity for all and the brainwashing to get people to not only accept but applaud these policies is an oppression of the mind not limited to any one race. Finally, in convincing people that other races (or classes, or genders) will always hold them down and that they are a victim of circumstance is a form of mental abuse.

I agree. Telling a whole group of people the lie that they are victims and can’t get ahead unless they rely on and vote for Democrats is mental abuse—that’s the real racism. Luckily, not all minorities are fooled by them. We need more voices like Larry Elder, Thomas Sowell and Candace Owens to expose them.

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